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Ce Week-End et plus

Wednesday, the 1/2 gallon bottle of Makers Mark that Cathy gave Raye and I was cracked open for ANTM and we made Manhattans. I love manhattans, I make a mean one (Raye disagrees but she likes hers bitter and I prefer mine sweatened with a bit of grenidine). Still those things go down FAR too easily and are pure alcohol. The bad thing, though.  ANTM + manhattans + camera = drunken roomate pictures on the deck while out smokin'. Pictures that are not to be posted.  After breaking my other camera under similar circomstances I was VERY careful to use the wrist chord. I remember yelling at Raye "WRIST TIE! WRIST TIE!" every time the camera switched hands. All this did not make for a very good Thursday

Friday, I didn't have any set plans. It was a lovely day so after work I took my walk and enjoyed the fabulous weather. I wanted to go to Pho Bang but I didn't have anybody to come with me. It's not everyone's cup of tea and the one person who I know would enjoy it had his wallet dissapear recently so he didn't have any money. Whatev. Raye and I ended up, dressed festivly in our summer skirts and tank tops, headding down to the Dunnes while that sun was still shining and getting a few drinks. The Welshman was there again with his lady friend and we talked with him for a bit. He actually saved us again from some drunk dude who, while the Welshman was out smoking a cigarette, sat down at our table and decided to introduce himself (again after he had already introduced and hit on Raye at the bar when we came in). This guy said he just moved into the city from Mountlake Terrace (the suburb wehre I lived from 1987-2002, I say I'm from Edmonds becasue that's wehre I went to school and that where all my friends were and becasue it's nicer than mountlake terrace.) When he said this Raye and I laughed and I explained that I sort of grew up in that area. Then he went off about how I need to like, represent, yo, MLT and be proud of my roots. I explained was happy to leave the a place where the common bus game was "count the cinder-block houses." He said something along the lines of like "MLT, yo represent we put out ballers up there yo." whatever the fuck that means. The Welshman and his lady friend returned from thier smoke and he polietly said, "you're in our seat, mate." 

Saturday Raye, Cathy and I went to go see Blades of Glory and were reminded once again that Will Farrel has no shame. Then after the movie and after my walk Raye and I cleaned up the apartment, and I tore apart my room to find this important tax document that that  yeah I never found and it looks like I'm going to be stuck paying becasue I lost it. And my room is an absolute disaster after general lazyness over the week then tearing everything from my closet looking for this damn paper and everything under my bed as well. I was going to clean it up but I ended up calling Andrew and going out drinking with him instead. Good times.

Sunday, it was glorious outside while I took my walk I was in an amazingly good mood. I visit my 'rents every Sunday for dinner so the fact that it was Easter was pretty insignificant. For my family, not being very religious, Easter is just an excuse to eat lamb, which we did. The dinner was fabulous, Lamb, asparagus, salad and then icecream for desert. Plus, I got to catch up on the Riches (which I can't watch becasue I don't have cable) and there was a marathon of that reality show about the little people which kept me endlessly enteratined. Unfortunitly I started doing my taxes toward the end of the night which put me in a very sour mood. Grrr. 

This week is going to be busy and proabably long becasue come Friday, it's road trip time! Time for the girls and I to go paint portland red, i can't wait. Tonight, Dragonfish, if all works out with the girls, Jordan, and Andrew. Then i need to do some serious work on that minefiled that is my bedroom.

and finally happy birthday to  CHRISTINE!! LIttlle hearts and stuff, friend.



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Apr. 10th, 2007 04:23 pm (UTC)
I want to see Blades of Glory! Sounds like you've been having a blast...I've never had a Manhattan. I haven't lived yet it seems?!
Apr. 10th, 2007 05:45 pm (UTC)
You should go see Blades of Glory. It's hilarious. :)
Manhattans are kinda old people/classy people drinks. I like them because they're a posh drink I like since I don't like olives or gin, martinies are always out of the question for me but manhattans have a cherry at the end..I'm all for that. :) They're evil though.
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