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Mir weekend (part 2)

This is kinda a teaser entry as I only have like 2 photos at the moment (but more are coming soon). Mir weekend ended with mir getting her tattoo. Raye christine and Jordan came along for the support and to take fabulous pictures. I haven't gotten a tattoo in sic years. It took about four years for me to find something I wanted enough to get and about two years to get around to actually doing it.
It was a plesant pain I haven't felt in a while, and it was so much fun, the getting the adrenelin running, the butterflies and everything. I'm happy I'
m such a minimalist (at least in my choice of artwork) as the amount of time/pain was just enough. I don't know how people like Raye could get such detailed stuff and be under the needle for like three hours. Mine took between 1/2 hour to 45 minutes and it was just right. It still had nothing on my writst tattoo. I'm still hardcore, damnit :)

Well those are the only pics I've got at the moment, more to come form jordans professional camera later (perhaps much later after it stops looking all gross) 

anyway. It's kinda weird to wind down from such a FANTASTIC weekend. But tonight I have the aprtment to myself. It's going to be cold so I figure I'll pop in a movie, get under the blankets and do those christmas cards I didn't have time to do this weekend. Now that mir weekend is over, and I've checked my accounts I've got some serious x-mas shopping and stuff to do. I'm able to get in the holiday spirit and stuff too. :)

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