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best friend: in the begining 1/2 of the year it was Ginger...
lost any friends: ...but then, lets just say, it got all fuct up by a third party
gained any friends: a handful, actually


went out of the country: went to Sydney to visit Cathy
moved: No.
new school: well I started working at a school
how many times on an airplane: 1 occasion, 4 different planes


have you changed: I have, ohmigod. I've changed SO fucking much this year, I grew a spine and some confidance and...I'm not the person I was this time last year
new look: lost weight, cut my hair and got a new tattoo, hell yeah!
most depressed time this year: I was depressed early in the year, then sad but mostly pissed off in July
best time this year: August-December has been bloody awesome! Cathy weekends and Mir weekend were the best!!


did you get heartbroken: I wouldn't say heart broken but I definitly got too attatched and let myself get hurt and pissed off


favorite Season: I heart all the seasons for thier own reasons
least favorite season: this winter has been too cold and this summer was too hot though
good birthday?: Fucking GREAT birthday, one of the best birthdays I've ever had!
any snow this year: yep


got arrested: no, of course not
had a crush: man I'm the queen of crushin'
lost a family member: yes, my uncle died of cancer in the spring
got a myspace: long ago
kept a secret: Yes.
told a secret: yes
done something you totally regret: yes

I got most of my christmas shopping done last night. I got my mum, my secret santa at work and stocking stuffers. I still have Cathy & Christine but we've decided that the four of us are going to exchange gifts on New Years once Cathy gets here so I have time. :) Shopping went really well for me, I went with Raye and Christine and afterwards we all went out and got margaretas (well I did anyway, they got other drinks, aparently I'm the only one who like tequilla). Even got a ride home so I did have to get my presents  all wet in the rain on the way up the hill. Like I said, still have a little more shopping to do but I'm so almost done. :)


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