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  • I'm really big on this bulleted entry thing it's really great for short attention spans.
  • I think I've said this before but I've officially become one of those Capitol Hill kids. I'm better than most, I don't mind walking anywhere downtown or to lower Queen Anne. (For example I have no problems with drinkin' at the Rendezvous or even the Funhouse becasue i can totally walk there and can either stuble home or a cab isn't too expensive.) However when I'm asked to go out drinkin' in Ballard...that seems SO FAR. I have to take a bus? I have to cross a bridge? WTF?
  • Speaking of which I got stuck by the bridge too btw and had to listen to this homless guy and a hockey fan talk about how the city should just sell the land of the Seattle Center to 6 flags or soomething and make it a private amusement park. This seemed an odd suggestion from a homeless man who you with think would be for a public park. I was a little offended too becasue the stuff that is in the center house is the Opera and theatres and Bumbershoot and these things I would miss if the Seattle center was turned into a private park. Sure I can't afford to go to the Opera but I'd be pissed if it wasn't an option.
  • ANyway the reason I was on my way to Ballard was to see Shanny-cakes for her birthday. Shannon is one of my oldest friends, we were all BFF from 7th grade through highschool but started seeing eachother only every few months or so once college time came and this weeked was the first time I've seen her in either a year and a half or two and a half years. So yeah. Once I got my already hungerover ass out of the house and to Ballard, AND eventually found Shannon at the bar, I had a really great time. I got a little trashed and ran my mouth off a little bit too much and when I think about it I get embarassed but that really is any time I drink anymore so I should just get over it. Seeing Shannon was awesome. She seems a little bit more laid back (not drinking nearly as much as mir) but she's still a little fire-cracker smart-ass, which is what I missed.
  • Talking to old friends though reminds me to get my shit back together. I mean I've done well for my self. I graduated from SU, I worked at a kick-ass independent magazine for three years, I've done a bit of world traveling. But when it comes to the "what are you doing now?" question or the "are you writing?" question I honestly have to answer "I've been drinking." I don't have a problem with that for the most part I've worked so hard for the past four years that just taking time for myself and being young and obnoxious, drinking, taking walks, wandering to the Dunnes, going to happy hour with the girls, etc is all very fine and good, but can't last forever. I feel like a dissapointment when I answer those questions.
  • This is kinda gross. I noticed yesterday that my right index and middle finger are stained kinda yellowish from cigarettes. It kinda disturbs me, not enough to quit but, I've always liked my hands. I have renessance hands godamnit! Even if no one else notices I notice and it's not pretty.
  • Feel really disgusting today. Stupid superbowl food. I don't even (woah I just heard a horse neigh. you don't hear that too often in the city) anyway I don't even like footbal but I spet Sunday with the 'rents and they went to a superbowl party. Couldn't smoke in front of my parents and some BASTARD put spinich dip, nachos and shrimp in front of me. feel so ill (dude the horse is still neighing like crazy! wtf?) Not sure how I feel about Dragonfish with the girls tonight, I love me some calimari but everything seems nausiating to me today. However, I don't want to pass up the opportunity of grossing Cathy out again with my little fried squids, it just never gets old!
  • I'm going on holiday in March! I'm going to visit oniglass in San Fransisco and it's going to be fabulous! I'm ever so excited. It's time for me to hop on a plane and check out someplace new. I've gotten more reccomendations from more poeple of more places to go in SF than I have for any other place, probably becasue about half the people I know are from Cali or at least have been there. Yeay!
  • Ramble, Ramble ,reamble


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Feb. 5th, 2007 11:27 pm (UTC)
I have De and Eric's contact info if you wanna try to hook up with them in SF. Sounds like they want visitors from the email I got from De today!
Feb. 6th, 2007 04:55 pm (UTC)
I'm only going to be there for a long week-end but I was actually hoping I could make sure I would have time to see them at some point. That would be awesome. Thanks.
Feb. 6th, 2007 09:44 am (UTC)
My horse-in-the-city story
When I was an early-teens kid, it came to pass that I was awakened in the middle of the night by a horse-galloping-on-asphalt sound. Upon looking out one of the several wide-open windows in my second-storey bedroom, I saw a horse running across the next-door neighbors' huge front yard!

Now, we're talking the City of Miami here — not some place out back of beyond. Hence, my elders informed me the following morning that my startling report was merely the product of a dream and no horse could possibly have been at large in our urban neighborhood.

Later that day, the afternoon newspaper came. Lo and behold, a horse in transit had somehow escaped its trailer about one-half mile from us the previous night and had in fact been wandering about the city for several hours.

(I like the idea of using the word neighborhood in conjunction with this story.)

Feb. 6th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
Re: My horse-in-the-city story
he he

How dare your elders ever question your obviously exceptional ear for livestock roaming wild in the city streets. :)
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