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Back when I was in Paris in '04 I was at the Monoprix and saw the most awesome thing I've ever seen at a grocery store. It was so awesome I had to snap a picture right there in the store.

Mir laundry detergant. I've posted about it before back in the day and I had the one pic on my MySpace. Then last week my friend Jordan aparently looked into the matter and told me that I could get some on-line. So looked into it on my lunch break today and check this shit out!

Mir in a box!

Mir Dish soap!

And other products. 

More about MIR from thier website

Mir stands for Tradition and Disruption, expertise and convenience. Mir is known by 99% of French people and is present in 66% of households!

History of Mir:

In 1895, Mr Luiset creates a soap in flakes to wash textiles.

In 1920’s, Mir is bought by a company “Cotelle & Fouchet” which promotes the flakes soap for laces and fines.

In 1948, after the war, Mir simplifies the life of women with a single product “Multi-usage” in a 1L glass bottle. A simple concept “washes everything everywhere!”

In 1961, Mir is sold in a PVC pouch with a “mini –price / maxi-usage” concept.

In 1970, Henkel eventually buys Mir and starts specializing the brand on different segment (Colour, wool, dish washing etc.).

This makes me a happy bunny. I'm going to build a shelf and collect them All? Does that make me a complete dork? 
oh yeah and my userpic is the logo. :)


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