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It's getting better all the time

Yesterday I was at my wit's end. I was agrovated. I was irritable and I was stressed the fuck out. This week seemed the shittiest. I broke my camera. I broke that shit CD player (it dropped only like a foot and it broke and I had to walk music-less). At work, every project I started was interrupted 2/3rds of the way through with another project so I felt like I got nothing done, even though I was busy all the time. Game night, although schedualed to be at Christian's place had turned into a huge clusterfuck and I was the intermediary of the clusterfuck and  there's nothing I hate more than a clusterfuck that I'm responsible for. Also, it seemed like I wasnt to have a minute alone. There was ANTM last night, hanging out with Andrew Thursday, Ryans b-day party (and pre-funking at the Dunnes) Friday and the game night Saturday. By the time I was taking my walk yesterday afternoon I was seriously thinking about crawling under a rock and hiding from everything for one evening. Or in otherwords skippin Americas Next top model with Cathy and Raye to hide alone and get drunk at the Dunnes (that's my rock, man). 

Instead, I worked things out w/ Christine about game night and Raye and I are hosting but the Welshman is still cooking food (which is something I was really excited about when he was going to host and didn't want to miss out if he wasn't). Serioulsy I must be the only person who's LESS stressed out by being a host than a guest. I talked to Jordan about the camera issue. I can't get it fixed but he might be able to pick up the same model for me for less than I was expecting, so yeah I'm still out money in this whole thing but less than I expected AND I might be able to have it before I go on vacation next week. AND I even got an hour alone with whiskey, diet coke and my writing before Cathy came over for ANTM. After all was worked out with gamenight, the camera, and I got some time to write, all be it very little time, I had few cocktails to settle my nerves and enjoy the mindless telly that is ANTM, all was right with the world. (Hell, even my MySapce horiscope is good today.) I 'm a little tired & thristy this moring if you know what I mean but at least, even on this grey and gloomy Seattle day, I was able to walk out of my apartment this moring, see my view of downtown Seattle and see everything as being beautiful once again.

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