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Stuff and things

This weekend has gone by WAY too fast. At the 'rent's not looking forward to bussing it home. It's all windy and shit. meh.

Friday, got pretty for the Merc, got to wear my new dress, went to the Dunnes first and met up with Cathy and later Jordan and Christian. Then headed up to the Merc for Ryans birthday. Yeah, got to talk to lots of folks and had a good time. Wasn't good dancin' music that night and the one drink I got there might have set me over a little into stumbling a bit so Raye and I bounced. We had a busy Saturday ahead of us...GAME NIGHT!

Game night was another sucess. It's not so much a caserolle night as much as it's become a bit of a pot-luck. Cathy brought wild rice caserolle. Raye and I made our spinich artichoke dip. Christian made tomolis and pizoli (sp?) it dawned on me that I had a Welshman, in a kilt, preparing mexican food in my kitchen it was awesome..  And of course in addition to the amazing food there was booze and boursin  both always a staple at functions at chez mir and raye.

Good quotes from the night again. The winner this month...

"Christian, you pull a mean pork." ~Alex (in reference to the yummy pork stew.)

*EDIT* The other one remembered: "I'm going to do this from behind becasue you're left handed." ~mir

 Damn, Christine has a mouth on her, accusing people of having small bits or small tits. We can't all have generous scoops of mouth watering flesh. 

I took a coupple pics with my new camera (jordan hooked me up with my replacement, hell yeah.) but I have it on good athority that I can't post them. 

*EDIT* Also Christian managed to find the keys Christine lost back in October. We searched all over the apartment, especially on in love seat where she had fallen asleep and couldn't find 'em. Christian takes a seat on the love seat and pulled them right out, as if out of no where. Perhaps someone should have sat in that seat in a kilt long ago. It was rediculous.

Did you know that the human bladder holds two cups? Oh, the things you learn while playing Cranium. We have however gone all the way around on the cards and need to buy new ones, god damn we're dorks. But Game nights are SO much fun. You wish YOU were having so much fun. 

Vacation this week. WOO!


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Mar. 12th, 2007 04:57 pm (UTC)
Re: Game Night!
I need to write down my doing it from behind quote, too. I'm not goig to live that one down. Oh well.

Actually that April one would work I'll get out of the traiing in the afternoon evening. I proabably wont be able to cook or contribute any food but Raye and I have alwasy cooked something, one time empty handed is okay. Did we decide Jordan's place not yours? I'll be sure to ask him if I invite anyone different. :P
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