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Lunchtime Ramblings

  • I was hoping I could upload my photos from my trip, burn them on to a CD at home and then upload them here at work during my lunch but NO. Apparently my home computer is too old school to install the software for my cannon. :( That bumbs me out. Aparently my resolution on my screen isn't good enough or soemthing...or if I tried to install it my computer would just self-destruct. I'm bumbed but I suppose I just have to exhibit some patience and wait until Sunday when I visit my mum to upload them.
  • This just reminds me of how I'm teased for still being in the 20th century. Jordan teasing me about my parents taping shows on cable (which I don't have) on to VHS so I can watch them. Or when I met up with Andrew and I put my CD player away and he just said "A CD player, what is this 1994?" I'm old school what can I say? My computer probably wouldn't even be com patible with whatever software I'd have to install for puting my MP3's on a player anyway. Perhpas it's time I visit Christian's bargin basement and get a cheap, used computer he's fixed up...After I've paid off the camera and Portland, of course.
  • Speaking of which, man I'm busy already. Tonight is the Portland Planning Committe, that is the Girls and I are going to get together and pick out what hotel we want to stay at, what bars and strip clubs we want to hit and about how much $$ we'd all need to chip in for hotel/gas etc. I'm so excited for this trip already and I just got back from one. 2007 is the year of enjoying west coast cities, yo. Represnt. :)
  • Now that I'm back I want to see a lot of my peeps and hit up the Dunnes but I'm already all busy. There's the planning committee, my dad's show opens tomorrow night at the shmee, Dan's party and then visiting my mum and uploading pics. Oh My!  And I told myself before I left for vacation that I was going to start enforcing some "mir time" outside of my walks to write and shit once I got back in town. I need to start getting better at that. With the up-coming trip, I need to save money by staying in more, so maybe pure economics will keep me at home...eventually.
  • Going back to technology for a moment. Raye and I were talking last night and we realized that Steve Pool has been on TV since we were kids and he's never aged. We've come to a conclusion that he must be a robot. There's simply no other explaination. They upgrade him every few years or so, perhaps we're on Steve Pool verion 5.0 or something, but yeah. Totally a robot.

So when the nuclear holocost happens there will still be roaches, twinkies and Steve Pool. He'll give the wheather, "Now if you're in this area the teperature will be about 1000 degress so you've proabalby been vaporized, Out here, we've seen some heavy mutuation and and increase in cannibolism so remember to take that into account when heading on I-5 on your morning commute." 
I could go on...



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Mar. 23rd, 2007 05:31 pm (UTC)
Yeah. He's a local Weather man in Seattle. I provided a picture as a visual, just imagive a guy looking just like that since 1987. Robot!

Portland is not as big a deal as San Fransico becasue a) I've been there before b) it's closer and c) it's a smaller city than Seattle. however, I'm really excited for our "Girls weekend out" It's my friend's birthday so we're going to have party hats and everything.

I'm so glad I got to meet up with you and David. i can post the pictures on Sunday. I'm so excited to blog about my fabulous weekend. :)
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