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  • You know what I REALLY DIDN"T NEED TO SEE TODAY? I went to the bathroom and the homeless lady who hangs out around/in our building was walking aroud doing I don't know what, whith her pants around her anckles. I mean I didn't really need to see anybodys ass or other bits, really, let alone the crazy homless lady's. Luckily she ducked into a stall, as did I, quickily and quietly. It happens, that's part of workin in the city but...yeah. Not the highlight of my day.
  • Know what is the highlight of my day, thus far? The rockin' lobster chowder Raye gave me for lunch. It proabaly had ten million calories in it but GODAMN it was tasty. The meat was tender and sweet, the soup was spicy. It was so yummy. Don't think I can go back to regular clam chowder after tasting this stuff.
  • Once again I started blogging and I didn't have a third point. Really all i wanted to do was bitch about seeing an ass I didn't want to see and gloat about the bitchin' chowder I just ate. Mission complete.
  • Oh yeah, I finally heard from Samuel last night. He didn't fall off the face of the planet but he has been going through a rough few weeks which sucks. Hopefully I'll get to see him soon. I really miss that gay boy.
  • Tonight's Mir night. I'm gonna be as productive as I can be once I get home from my walk and smoke a cigarette with Raye. She's reading my story at the moment which makes me happy. She says she's not good at giving back feedback but I'd take anything and also just having people read it and finding out if it reads okay/is clear is helpful. Of course I hope she likes it too. Anyway back to work.


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Mar. 30th, 2007 06:50 am (UTC)
Ah, yes....
Regarding the crazy homeless lady: I know just what you mean, quite possibly. It's disturbing to witness such seeming helplessness; and during my Homeless Period I saw it all too often. I'd just as soon not see those sights anymore.

We'd both probably rather wave a magic wand and fix things, so that the homeless would have good homes and proper health care. Maybe such a Utopia might exist someday, but it won't be anytime soon — especially not with the present cabal of fascists running things from the White Ranch House at Washington in the District of Columbia.

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