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  • I think I'm getting tentinitus (sp?) my rright wrist and arm is hurting while I type. I even had to re arrange my keyboard to be more ergonomiclly correct today Lame.
  • Last night was pretty bloody cool. After my walk i went down to the Rosebud and met up with Shawna and Irene, Edmonds crew kids, who I haven't seen since December and before that it had been even longer. We had a good catching up time, shared some amazing $11 mac and cheese (best ever!) and everything was fine and splendid.
  • Afterwards, I called Oni, met up with her at the Auraface and followed her over to the Merc where I stayed for one drink more than I should have. It's always good to see Oni when she's in town it kinda makes me feel like she still lives here. Also got to see and talk to Marissa who I haven't seen in ages. When I got home, I was an OCD drunk and put away all my clean laundry before going to bed. Ya know, matching socks is actually a little more fun when you're a bit trollyed. :)
  • This weekend is going to be awesome. It's ladies night out in Portland. Christine, Cathy, Raye and I are getting in the car drivin' soth and bathing in sin to commemorate Princess Christine's fabulous birthday. Drag shows, strip clubs and latenight donuts, baby! This weekend I'm gonna have a cocktail, a cigarette, a steak and a lapdance all at the same time. What could be better? We're also going to Powells and Vodoo donuts and whateverelse within walking distance of our hotel seems to grab our attention. The camera is coming with so I'll have a fun post when I get back.
  • What does bum me out is that Trainspotting is the midnight movie at the Egyption this weekend. Just in time for me to leave town. I know I've seen it a billion times but it's one of my favorite movies of all time and I never pass up an opportunity to see Ewan on a big screen where there's like 30 feet of fabulous scottish sexyness, ya know? *sigh*
  • Is that all I have to say? I think so. Later.


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Apr. 13th, 2007 11:12 pm (UTC)
I'm thinkin' you mean "tendonitis". I was getting that too, for a while. Bought me one of those wrist-brace thingies and put it on my mouse hand when I spend long periods of time at the computer. Got the job done; no more tendonitis and no carpal tunnel. Just sayin'.

Query: Do vampire programmers get Carpathian Tunnel Syndrome? End digression.
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