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Christine weekend in Portland, Vacation 2

I'm Exhausted, at the rent's and procrastinating from doing my taxes. Got back from Portland around threeish. I'm tired as all hell but we had an awesome time in Portland for Christines Weekend

So we left on Friday night we had a good drive down,, it was rather amusing. Did you know that cuddle fish are chronic masterbaters. I haven't wikipediad it yet but Christine was right about the fig thing, I tend to believe her. We ot into town around nineish to check into our hotel. The Hilton, right in the middle of downtown, aint we posh? Yeah so some of that money might go to Paris, but I think she looses that much money's worth in coke in the cracs of her compact so whatever (and we watched he die in House of Wax before we fell asleep that night, that's always fun.) We're so cheezy we decked out the hotel room with "Happy Birthday" banner and stuff before giving Christine her gift. After we showered Christine with gifts, we got pretty and headed for the strip club. In Llu of party hats, we wore dilly-bobbers on our heads and the birthday girl wore a tiara, naturally.

We went to Mary's down the street, first, but we didn't like it bery much. The first cick was impressive she was really bendy, worked the pole, and smoked a cigarette with her toes. There was no where to sit, the people were kinda annoying and the next lady kept slapping her breasts together and it was too funny. We took off and ended up spending the rest of the night at a different one on Burnside I think, not too far away. We had a blast as we gradually turned into "those girls" The tequilla helped. I can't believe I'm the only one of us who likes tequilla but when shots were bought for us the girls took it like a man and took the shots. I unfortunitly couldn't take all three of them for them. :) Stumbled to get some food then runturned to the hotel at two-ish. 

Saturday morning, after wandering around looking for coffee, rather hungover, we ent out to voodoo donughts. 

I have a chocolate donught with chocolate frosting and cocopuffs. It was rad.

You don't see me with a donut becasue I had already devoured mine. :)

Then we went and got a proper breakfast at an Irish pub. See this is why we went to portland for Christine weekend, It was a bit agout the strippers, and the donuts were a nice addition, but really we just wanted to be able to smoke inside again.

We walked around the Saturday Market for a coupple hours. I didn't take picutres. I saw some art I wanted, but the origional art was too small for the walls Raye and I need to fill but we found a poster store and after nine months of being roommates...FINALLY FOUND ART!!! For the living room Raye bought a Dali. The Metamorphosis Of Narcissus 

For the kitchen I got an appropraite Andy Warhol peice. :)

On our way to our next destination, the book store, we were sidetracted by a little park that had a swingset. Girls will be girls.

Cathy and I were in heaven at Powells. My existential fiction collection got a bit bigger.

We chilled at the hotel for a while resting for the night ahead. We put our dangly bist back on, and got pretty before going out. 

THere was a little bit of sillyness, of course...

no I am not drunk in this picture. I didn't know my eyes could do that. :P

 and When we hit the town wewent out to Darcell's the Drag shot. I took TONS of pics. 

"If Mama Cann had shared her sandwich with Karen Carpenter, they might both be alive today." HA!

I'll spare you the pic of the big bare bum behind teh chaps.

Trashy! :)

This this is my favorete pic of the whole weekend... Darcelle and Christine.

She looks so happy in this pic. 
After the drag show was over, there were male strippers taking the stage. We stayed for one becaseu Cathy and I had never seen one before. IT was rediculous. Seriously. The middle aged women were all loud, the guy was not hot and he almost knocked my drinkinto my lap when he slid on stage. IT was weird. I'm all for equal opportunity...but....yeah. no. It is interesting, having seen female strippers and the one male stripper in one weekend how different men and women are around strippers. Guys act all stoic and stuff while whatching strippers the crowd turns into Beatlemania, women screaming and acting insane. Can't there be a happy medium? Oh yeah there probably is but I didn't get to see how Christine enjoyed her her b-day lap dance. :) 

When it came time to leave we posed infront of a staue by our hotel, where it looked like the lady in the middle was being felt up.

Alright. I have taxes to do and the Riches to watch so I shall take my leave.

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