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lame, lame, awesome

  • THe IRS Sucks! I owed $184 dollars, which I paid. Now I'm SOOOO Broke. I haven't been this broke since I got my new job. I have like $100 bucks to last me to the first, after all my bills. Luckily I went shopping last night so I have food to eat at the very least. However, no more tirps to get cofee mid-morning and I won't be seeing the Dunnes in a littel while. It's a good thing it's game night and this month all I have to bring is myself and my own booze.
  • my Cell phone SUCKS! I was taking my walk when aparently, Andrew Called. I called back, didn't hear anything. Continued walking with my cell phone in my hand so I wouldn't miss it. THen I look down later it says I have a missed call, Christine called. Bastard phone didn't even ring. I did my shopping, called Andrew back and I got through. We made plans for 7 wen that time came around I expected a call because he's only picked me up/dropped me off and didn't know what apartment I was in. I had my phone next to me. No rings. By 8:15 I'm annoyed and try to call but my phone wasn't making outgoing calls either. Luckily he saw me when I went out for a cigarette. He had knocked on eveyones door and I didn't hear mine. (Gotta use a doorbell people). He thought I was dead or something. So yeah. If you need to call me and aren't getting anything try Raye. or something. I guess. Goddamn.
  • The awesome thing is that I got turned on to another Birtish Comedy last night. Andrew brought a Reigion 2 DVD player and we wated the first season of Spaced. It was blody hilarious and insanely quotable. I was getting a little ired, since we started late and i'm still missing out on some sleep from the weekend, but once I started I souldn't stop. I had to at least finish the first season that night. It's annoying to be but perhaps not entirely a bad thing that BBC shows only have 6 or 7 episodes in a season. They're too addictive for me.

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