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Weekend update

Thursday, Raye and I went over to Christine's who cut and dyed my hair. It's the shortest I've had my hair in a long time if ever but I like it. It's got more body now and I even have the patience to blow-dry it now when I want to . It's also very red. I heart it. Since I got my hair done on Thursday and becasue I had to go to a training for workand had to get up early on Saturday, I had Mir night on Friday. Unfortunitly, it wasnt a very  productive night in front of the computer. As long as I keep schedualing them, and trying it's not that much of a loss. Saturday I had to get up at 6 thirty in th emorning to go to that training, which was interesting. Now I know that should there be a disaster I can't just go "later fellas, I can walk home from work" (I hear my callousness is one of my attatcive atributes.) It was rough becasue I was just looking forward to Game Night SO much. I took a walk, got pretty and raye and I waited around for Samuel to come over and Cathy picked us up and we went to Jordans. It was the biggest group yet. The girls, of course; cathy, raye, christine and myself, Jordan (the host this month), Christian, Chris, and newbies Andrew, Samuel and Derek. Jordan made a kind of noodle and meat dish (he called it a noodle sheapords pie, but I don't find that an accurate description, really. We played two games of five versus five. I know I lost the first game, but I don't remember who won the second. Honestly, the night kind of comes and goes for me. I had a great time, I know that. I was laughing and joking around with my buddies. I was quite happy. Then we eventually left, and everybody headed back to the hill to Christian's for a while, again, very hazy here. I remember it was really loud and crazy but then getting tired and Adnrew took me home. I know I had a lot of fun...I just dn't recall it all. Sunday I went over to the 'rent's, a little tired and hungover. We celbrated my dad's birthday with a cake and going out to dinner. (I'm such a brat I insisted mexican, simply becasue I wanted margaritas. I wasn't ready to go to the pub and have whiskey again.) I ate way too much food, felt kinda gross, which usually happens when I visit the 'rents. Got caught up on the Riches over there and read caught up on readong a coupple Rolling Stone mags, including an article that was really upsetting about this evengelical guy who's got this sick cult-like operation going on for teeneage jeasus freaks, it was frieghtning. 

Anyway. Yeah. So today no dragonfish. I'm still broke broke broke. You know tomorrow I will have gone a week without a mid-morning quad mocha? I haven't been to the dunnes in weeks either. It's totally weird. Instead, I'm watching the second season on Spaced.  hell yeah.

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