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Random points

  • Man, I wish I could blog while I was on my walks. That's where all the random, interesting thought come from. Then I forget them by the time I'm in front of a computer. Goddamn. Speaking of my walks instead of a midget count (because I think I've counted all of the midgets I'm going to see. 12 not a bad number) I'm now counting how many time I damn near get run over while on my walk. The average seems to be about three. I'm always in the right of way, too. I've also gotten really bad and have started talking to myself outloud on my walk and singing in French out loud. Whoops.
  • Last night I totally pulled a friend no-no and skipped ANTM with Raye and Cathy to go have drinks with Andrew at the Rendezvous. Supposed to have hung out Monday but he got stuck at work so I did the naughty one-time ditchin' of the girls. ANTM was a damn clipshow anyway so no one got voted off and I'll be seeing Cathy tonight to see her apartment all furnished like after Raye and I have dinner at Bimbos. It's odd how many years I've been on the hill and have never eaten at Bimbo's. I've been there once a couple years ago with Cathy and Neil but they ate and I just drank. :) Tonight I'm getting food and then having margaretas when I go over to Cathy's. *Evil grin.*
  • Cathy and I are gonna be GRE study-buddies. I don't know when we're gonna find the time (I think her "Cathy Night" is the same night as my "mir night" and we're both abandoning them this week to hang out tonight.) but it is ON! I even got some info from one of the grad schools I'm looking into so I know what they're looking for. (as in if I take the general or one in my field of study as well). Go team Mir and Cathy!
  • I'm going to a Prom-Themed party this Saturday. I meant to pick up my old prom dress while I was at my parents on Sunday but I totaly forgot. Oh well. Probably doesn't fit me anymore anyway (in the good way, not the bad way). Instead I'm thinkin' of wearing the black evening dress. I Was just going to wear my little black dress I bought for San Fransisco but I've been wearing that all the time I need to dress up. I'm ready to mis it up. Only probablem is that it needs to be taken in in the bust area because I've lost much of my chest or as they used to be reffered, "the towers" Or rather since I don't have the time or the money to have a silk dress altered, I'll just have to be sure to not drink too much to make sure I don't let what little I have left pop out all night. :)
  • I was looking at old entries on LJ today, I don't know why, and realized I've melowed out quite a bit in the past, idon't know nine months or so. I'm not nearly as crazy emotional as I used to be. I also realized that I used to blog about school a lot. I guess becasue it used to occupy so much of my time. I was one stressed out early twenty-something. Also realized that I haven't seen Ding Ding since March of 2005. Holy shit dude. Two YEARS. That just aint right. I should call her soon. ANyway. Yeah. I"m so happy I have LJ to look back at. So many stories I totaly forgot about and made me laugh. Some of it was weird though, the who's, in particular. Hindsight is a funny thing. Anyway I'm rambling and should stop.


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