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Ce Weekend

Thursday First Raye and I went to Bimbo's for a burrito after walking/working out. In all these years of being on the hill and even through my going to the Cha Cha and checking out stuck up hipster boys, I never tried one of Bimbo's burritos. Naturally at around six on a Thursday evening, it was pretty busy. We had to sit in the cha Cha to eat and it was fucking packed. The waiter fucked up our orders at first but, once we got our burritos it was all good. I must say that was quite a bitchin' burrito. If it weren't such a hastle I don't know why I wouldn't have burritos there al the time. Afterward we headed over to Cathy's place. The Girls and I hung out at Cathy's apartment which is now furnished with a couch and some bookshelves. It's coming together quite nicely. I drank margaretas (fitting after the burrito) and we sat around talking laughing our asses off, watching Cathy model her wedding dress (which is too pretty to be worn to the crescent for her "like a virgin" kareoke performance with Cristine) and listening to the New White Stripes song. it was good times. 

Since thrusday is usualy my Mir time, and I instead went out to hang with the girls, I left my Friday night clear for writing and being productive. Unfortunitly I was so bloody miserable with allergies/sinuses, sneezing and blowing my nose and just feeling generally shitty that I really only wrote a little tiny bit and otherwise lied in bed reading instead. I don't think Fridays are good for Mir night.

Saturday, Raye and I were productive as hell early on. We walked/workedout, ran errands made luch and watched Run, Lola, Run which I hand't seen before. Then it was time for me to get pretty becasue I had a prom-themed birthday party to attend. I got to wear an evening dress and ride in a limo and everything. :) Andrew picked me up and we met up with his friends and the limo at around sixish. We drove around Seattle, drinking champagne and stopping at the cliche tourist spots and taking dorkin' it t-u-f-f group shots like this in front of Pike Place Market.

I was not told that it was an '80's themed prom party. But oh well. I liked lookin' classy. When the hell do I get to wear my evening dress, honestly? The girl in the pick dress was the birthday girl. I loved the dress I think she stole it from my first barbie circe 1986 (probably whe I had my first barbie, I think).

The evening dress...

Livin large in the limo, drinkin champange. That's how we roll.

Actually I was so out of it when I uploaded the pictures at the ren't s yesterday, I'm missing a lot of them, I forgot to get one of me in my dress before the party, damnit. Anyway, damnit I forgot to upload a lot aactually. Anyway, here we are droking it tuff at the Fremont troll.

And there was even a Prom king and Queen crowned.  :)

Yeah. It was good times. Danced a little, drank a lot, talked to people. Didn't embarass myself too much, maybe a little, only pissed one person off but he can go fuck himself. (Lesson lerned, don't tell a middle aged gay man that Sex in the City sucks, they don't take kindly to that, apparetnly. I just get sick of hearing about that Miranda all the time becaseu of the name and the red hair.) Apart from him, I got along wth everybody and had a really really bitchin' time.

Think this was much better than my real prom for a handful of reasons, actually.

Sunday I was dead tried and slightly retarded. I visited the 'rents for dinner, as usual and literally just sat on my ass, watched telly and ate food (got to use the grill outside, summer is on it's way, yo.) Yeah. Watched this show on the food network about the future kitchen, it was cool when it was showing all these old programs in the forties fifties and sixties about "the future kitchen" and all the impractical devices they predicted (except for perhaps the microwave and the dishwasher, only to go on and talk to these guys at MIT show of thier rediculous "kitchen of the future" devices, such as a spoon that will tase for you and measure viscocity for you (incase your tounge and you're eyes aren't trustworthy. Science dorks taking the life out of cooking. At another institution there was a guy that figured that the fucture kitchen would be all wired into your cell phone and you could programe it like programing your VCR. I still think this is a bad idea, becasue say you leave you cellphone on the subway, someone picks it up, fucks around with it and BAM! you're oven explodes.  Oh yeah, one last thing, the Iron that talks to you in a voice like Stephan Hawking?  Seriously now, who wants that? That's just unnecessary.

So...yeah. A good weeked.


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Apr. 30th, 2007 06:43 pm (UTC)
Did you date not dress up? Jeans and tennis shoes = lame, he should have rocked a thrift store '80s suit!
Apr. 30th, 2007 06:46 pm (UTC)
I know. He was given a tux but it was too big and didn't have buttons or something. Yeah. As we were drving to the limo i realized we should have totally hit up Value Village while we were on the hill but by then we were already running late. :(
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