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The rules: reply to this post and I'll pick 3 icons and 3 interests of yours to tell me about. Picked from dan10things

Brits- I'm such an anglophile. Perhaps it's becasue I grew up on British comedy, I don't know. If it has a sexy british accent, I'm proabalby first inclined to think that it's better. I I think that's what it boils down to the wit and the accent. I was so born on the wrong side of the pond I think

whiskey- whiskey is my favorte form of booze. Vodka is allright, but kinda girly I don't do rum or gin and tequilla is tasty but it has to be good tequilla you can't get the cheep stuff. Whisky, is different. You can get cheep whiskey that aint half bad or you can get a higher shelf whiskey and make manhattans and get plowed in a classy way topped with a cherry. I also think it's a good writers drink. 

voyerism-i love people watching. I miss the days of sitting around at Vita watching people whileI was supposed to be doing hoework. People tend to be kind of obvious. Sit at a coffee shop, pick a couple of people in conversationand you can totaly tell what going on from body language and how the two interact. Usually when I watch someone I like to gather what I can from them then start making up my own story about them. It's fun. 

This is Vyvyn, the violent and slightly-socialpathic punk from the Young Ones (again dorkin' it tuff on the birtish comedy). Vyvvyan is my fav character. This is from the bambi episode when the four represent Scumbag college on "university Challenge" Emma Thompson, Stephan Fry, Ben Elton and Hugh Laurie (House!!) have a cameo as the opposing team. Anyway...I just saw this from soneone and swiped it becasue Vyvvyan being rude..pretty damn cool. This icon usually means I'm pissed off. 

this is my "AHHH!" icon. I don't have too much to say about this one, really. I took this pic drunk and playing with my camera one night. THen I realized it's got good emotion going on so I made it an icon for LJ. I like to use this icon if I'm really excited about something. "AHH!"

This is my Guy Bourdin icon. When I was in Pairs we went to the exhibit at the Jeu de Paume, one of which was Guy Bourdin, a fashion photographer in the later 20thc. His stuff is dark, quirky, colorful and sexy. check 'em out http://www.madeinphoto.fr/  I also have a poster I got from the exhibit of this very photo so I'm rather fond of it. I don't really have any emotion I attatch to this photo, really. I gues I could use it if I'm feeling sexy or something but I'm not often around a computer if Iwere. I just like it.
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