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Ce Weekend

Thursday Andrew and I went to go see Hot Fuzz. It was good times. I recommend it. It was playing at Majestic Bay so afterwards we went out for dinks in Ballard, which I shouldn’t have really done because a) I didn’t have money and b) I had to work the next day. But I still I stayed out until last call but I had a really good time and actually didn’t really regret it the next day really.
Friday was supposed to be Mir day because Thursday I went to see the movie, but I got kinda distracted. Chris and Raye had plans to hang out, but while they were pre-funking at the apartment I decided to join them when they went their merry way down to the Dunnes. Mir time was put off one more day, but, eh, I have to get my weekly Clever Dunnes fix. When I walked to the front door, the door man was there again. I think last time that I was there, the first time I met the door man, I was already drunk and did not understand the whole door man thing and might have been a bit rude about it. In other words I did not make a new friend. It didn’t help matters any when as I walked in this Friday, Maya was right by him and commented “Miranda, you’re getting carded at the Dunnes?” I think that because I expected some special treatment for being such and awesome regular, I’m going to get shit on a bit by this guy. Perhaps deservingly so I don’t recall how I conducted myself last week when I met him. Now I have a weekend door man who glares at me every time I go out or in for a cigarette. We had a good time though. We made Chris stay out a little longer than he wanted but oh well. I got my dunnes fix and had a good time.
Saturday Apparently my plans kind of fell through so it turned out to be a pretty laid back day. I ended up with a full Mir day instead of a Mir night. I sat in bed, read, sat outside, read some more, worked out, read some more. Actually for the first time in a long while I finished a book in a day, well I was already forty pages into it to start, but still. It felt good. It also put me in the mood for writing so I actually had a good and productive Mir day. It didn’t make up for the lost last three weeks but it was nice to actually read something and write something completely in one day. It was just what I needed. I need more days like that.
Sunday was also laid back. As usual on Sundays I ate a lot of food and sat around and drank margaritas. It was mother’s day but I always visit my parents on Sundays. I brought flowers and instead of spending half of my time on the computer, I just stayed in the living room and watched a chick movie and Tremors with my mom. Before I left for their house I watched this really depressing documentary about how much pollution China produces and I just really wanted something silly and trite. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if the worst we had to deal with were giant earthworm monsters? Seriously. 

Anyway here's to a beautiful week starting with some sun!

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