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Weekend Wrap up

I read my friends’ page and saw a lot of my LJ peeps had very relaxing, Lazy weekends. This was not so much the case on my end, with my 3 BBQs, roller derby, baking and entertaining. However, before the weekend started I was laying low, staying at home, hiding in my room mostly, reading, writing and generally being semi-productive. Wednesday and Thursday I spent alone with the books I’m reading, my notebook and my keyboard. It was nice. I figured the more I stayed in last week the more money I would have to spend on the weekend. 

Friday- After my walk, Raye and I got ready to go out quickly and hit up the Dunnes in time to get a drink before happy hour ended. I needed my Dunnes fix, it had been a while. To think I used to hit up the pub three times a week, now just every week if I’m lucky. But they still pour strong and are friendly to me so it’s all good. Andrew eventually showed up, stayed for a drink and then I bounced with him to meet up with his friends who were at the Nectar for the DJ Prince/Michael Jackson battle. I was the minority on the Prince side, but, you know my wit and glowing personality allowed everyone to let it slide. I nursed a very expensive double for a long time, danced a bit but about the third time I sat down, and almost all his friends had left so conversation was not as boisterous, I hit a wall of exhaustion and had to be taken home. Of course once I hit this wall they were playing all sorts of Prince that I didn’t have the energy to dance to. Just my luck.
Saturday- I was productive shortly after I woke up. I went out shopping with Raye, took my walk then came home and baked goodies for Dr. Kate and Brent’s babyshower/BBQ. Leftover from last weeks game night were four bananas which had been ripening up beautifully for baking. I didn’t have a bread loaf pan so banana bread was out of the question but I found a recipe on line for low fat banana muffins. They turned out pretty damn good, not quite as moist as banana bread (low fat meant there was no butter in the recipe, but I added an extra banana which seemed to help.) As a back up, in case my banana muffins sucked, I bought spice cake mix for cup shaped cakes, spice cake with cream cheese frosting is the most awesome shit in the world. Once I got on my baking kick with the muffins, it was hard to stop. I just love to bake! 

However, I just had to stop when I ran out of time. Andrew picked up Cathy and I and we hit up the BBQ. I mingled and noshed on veggies and chips for a little while but couldn’t stay long enough to get any of the very fabulous and tasty looking salmon and beef Brent had barbequed, unfortunately. Andrew had tickets to the Rat City Roller Girls so we abandoned Cathy and headed for Magnoson park. I’ve been to a bought before, back in the Tablet days. But I don’t think I was 21 at the time or otherwise just missed out on the whole beer garden thing, which is where I spent most of my time watching the game this time. Andrew had never been before. It took us a while to get the game but after half time we had enough understanding to really get into it. Afterward, we headed over to Ballard, had drinks at Hatie’s and after the bar closed, I got to play the Wii for the first time and might I say, kicked some ass at drunken Wii bowling. :)
Sunday I met up with The Girls at the Cinerama and we saw the new Pirates movie. It’s really long and the plot is very convoluted, and I didn’t remember much from the second movie. I’ve heard people say that they were confused throughout the whole thing. I wasn’t confused, I was able to follow but I feel like the twisty plot is twisty for the sake of being twisty which doesn’t make it better, especially when you take into account that characters previous actions don’t make sense once you find out what their real angle was. However, a thirty foot Johnny Depp is still a thirty foot Johnney Depp and watching him as Jack Sparrow makes me very happy, so it was worth the time and money. However, when it’s on DVD and I borrow it from my mum, I’m really just going to watch the surreal Johnny Depp scene and leave it to that. (the best part of the whole movie…oh so much Johnny.)
Afterward, Raye and Christine headed to Fred Myer and Cathy and I walked up the Hill together. I went home and started cleaning up the apartment, while Raye went to the store and bought a grill for our BBQ. We picked the right day to go to a movie for sure but the wrong day to BBQ. It was cold and wet. But whatever, our deck is covered. We had skewers and chicken, veggies, corn on the cob, chips and salsa/sour cream, salad—a full spread, enough to feed twice the number of people that we invited. It was pretty much us girls—Cathy, Raye, Christine and I—and significant others’—Jordan, Ryan, Andrew—and my favorite gay boy, Samuel, as well, of course. Our impromptu BBQ (which on Tuesday we decided we would have) turned into an impromptu Game Night, once the Cranium board came out. The night, just like last game night, was very successful. Everyone got along. People were witty and quick during the game and the smoke breaks. The food was enjoyed and the booze flowed. Once everyone had gone home Raye and I stayed up, cleaned up and I made more drunken cupcakes for the next days’ BBQ.
Monday was the most relaxed day. While Raye slept in, I finished the cleaning and lounged around the living room, drinking coffee, going outside to smoke and reading quietly. It wasn’t easy to get dressed and go out for a walk but I got around to it eventually, and afterward we pulled together our leftovers from the night before for our next BBQ. Sundays I usually hang out with my parents (or Monday if it’s a three day weekend) and they were going to a BBQ of our family friends’ Kevin and Kim. Raye came along as well. Again, there was so much food. Fuck the holidays, memorial day weekend seems to be the time for stuffing yourself silly. There were pork chops, beer battered braughts, skewers and salad (that Raye and I brought), rice and beans, cap raze and key lime pie. Holy shit. Oh yeah and cupcakes. :)
We played Apples to Apples, which was funny because It has been suggested to me a lot lately for an upcoming Game Night. I liked the game. It might be a possibility if we branch out from Cranium on a future game night. I liked it especially because I kicked ass and won. Word up, yo. 

Now it's back to work. It's going to be a busy week as there's a fundraising event on Thursday and we lost a day this week before it, but it's all good. Perhaps rest can wait for next weekend, and sure as hell so can food after all those BBQs this weekend. Hope everyone takes the transition back to work well



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May. 30th, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
Hey, are you missing a jacket? I have a cute one that was left at the party that looks like something you would wear.
May. 30th, 2007 03:40 pm (UTC)
Nope. It's not mine.
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