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Random points

  • I lost my cell phone in Cal Anders park on Moday walking home from the Dunnes with Raye, but luckily someone found it, called Christine on it and Christine met up with her and picked it up for me. It stayed out in the rain all night and it works even more poorly than it did before I lost it but damnit I have it and all the number containe in it (an my sim card, so it's all good.)
  • I feel like I really need to go back to Colorado and visit my family soon but I cant afford to and I don't want to take time off work. Apparently my grandmother is getting ill (she got hepititus from a blood transfusion a year or two ago.) and when I thought about it, the last time I went down there was after my grandpa died in 2004...too little too late. It would be weird though...there's a whole slew of cousins and cousin's kids I've never even met before or only me once. I don't feel very connected or close to my family and the ones I'm somewhat connected with like the grandparents and uncles are passing away. It's really weird that I have an urge to go there but I can't logistically see it hapening.
  • Tonight Cathy and I start our study-budy team for the GRE. I don't really know what I'm doing but Cathy's taken it before so she'll be a usefull help. What we both really need to work on is math becasue we don't remember much of it. Christine's son needed help in geometry and she's having a hard time finding anyone who actually remembers any geometry. I got good grades in math in highschool (jr & sr. year) but you didn't have to get the answers right, just had to do it. The bar obviously wasn't very high if I was getting A's in math.
  • Ummm that's it there was something else but I lost it.


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Jun. 6th, 2007 09:39 pm (UTC)
I ended up taking a review course for the math portion of the DAT. Well worth it IMO. My problem wasn't doing the math, it was doing it fast enough for the timed tests. It's a matter of repetition to build your speed up. One of the things the course gave me was several copies of old tests to practice on.

I can tell you my DAT saga sometime if you're up for it.
Jun. 6th, 2007 10:11 pm (UTC)
Damn math is going to take me time no matter what. I don't remember how to do long divison and I didn't memorize the multiplication table when I was a kid, to a point I just add estensivly...yeah I'm dumb.

For example:like 6x8 I would think okay 12+12+12+12, or 24+24=48..it's a process I can't just whip out nmbers, even for the simple stuff. I would imagine for algrabra and trig type stuff they let you use a calculator, though. I remember some formulas I need to brush up on when to use them.

...and I'm totally up for hearint DAT saga. :)
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