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Tuesday Raye, Cathy, Samuel, Andrew and I all met up at the Rosebud for all night happy hour. It was good, drunken times. As per usual we smoked too many cigarettes and I drank too many drinks but at $4 a double it’s hard not to. I had a great time. There were many pictures taken as Raye just got a digital camera this weekend and this was her first outing to use it.

Me & Samuel

Andrew & me

Samuel & Raye

Darling Cathy

Silly Samuel

Everybody Smile if you like the Rosebud all night happy hour of $4 doubles...

Then when Raye and I got home I made a mini pizza and a) turned on a burner instead of the oven and almost lit a towel on fire. B) burned my finger when the towel slipped from my hand when I was pulling the pizza pan out. The kitchen is now off-limits to me when I return from the Rosebud or the Dunnes. It’s quite a burn too, all of the side of my right index finger from the palm to the knuckle. I tried to think about that Anthony Bourdain said about how scared up and ugly but noble cook’s hands are but lets face it, I’m not a cook and I’d rather keep my renaissance hands looking clean and dainty. Grr.
Last night Cathy and I had our second GRE study session together. It went much better than the first. We managed to get through a whole math practice test but of 28 questions we only got 8 correct. To use Cathy’s words “We are two smart girls, we can do better than this.” It even took us a while to do the math to see what out percentage was on our test. *slaps forehead* oy vey. But it’s going to get better. We’re going to make flashcards or something on our own time and come back more prepared than before. I want to get a Master’s Degree. I really do. I honestly think I can but right now I’m just so like…not terribly ambitious, that it’s hard for me to know what exactly it is that I want and this whole starting on the math section is more discouraging and encouraging. It should get better though, especially once we get to the reading comprehension and vocabulary bit.
Tomorrow is Samuel’s birthday, so I’m going to go out and meet up with him somewhere on the hill at some point and see how many gay bars he can get kicked out of. I remember his birthday last year. It was pretty funny. I went back to see if I ever posted about it and I didn’t and it’s a good story so I’m going to tell it again, but behind the cut because this is an already long entry. 

So last year I met up with him at Chez Gaudy for dinner and drinks. He was working at the restaurant below the Silver Cloud Inn across the street from SU at the time and there were mostly co-workers showing up and David as well of course. We got a specialty booze cake a flambé that was delicious, rich and full of booze and fruit. One of his co workers brought him, as his birthday present a GIGANTIC bottle of Three Olive Vodka. Now when I say GIANT I don’t even mean one of those half gallon bottles. I’m talking about novelty sized, as in, if you put it on the floor the top of the bottle would come to your knees. It was from the whole wait/cook/bartending staff at the restaurant, the manager told his co-worker to give it to Sam. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I was in awe of it, and helped him carry it across the hill to his apartment. Unfortunately when we got to his and David’s apartment, tragedy struck. Samuel opened his bottle and poured it, smelled it, tasted it…it was water. There was some vodka in that giant bottle but not much. Apparently, there was this guy at his work that had been found a week or so earlier drunk in one of the storage closets when they opened up. Guess where he took the booze from and thought no one would notice? Poor Samuel. Got his hopes up for nothing. He did, however, have a bottle of Maker’s Mark which I very happily made manhattans for myself and anyone else who wanted one, that is, until there was very little Maker’s left and I just took the bottle (that was never mine to begin with) and walked around the party with it in my hand, not sharing with anyone. Man, I get greedy when it comes to alcohol especially when I’m already trashed. Samuel didn’t mind, though. He still tells that story, my Patsy Stone moment. David was not as amused.

Anyway, since this is already a long post I’m going to keep it going. When I went back to see if I had posted about Samuel’s birthday last year, I started looking at posts from about this time last year. I think I’m also in a reflective mood because June 12th (Tuesday) was the one year anniversary of working at my job and the two year anniversary of getting my degree from Seattle U. I didn’t post all that much back then last year because I didn’t have access to a computer as much. It’s weird. I thought I was happy but I was really having a rough time. Certainly before I got my job I was really not having a great time. The novelty of poverty had worn off when I realized that I only had about $75 bucks to last two weeks after bills. May-July last year was just not so great. I was having major attachment issues and with someone who wasn’t even worth it. Until I saw an old blog today I had almost forgotten about my whole body image “improve my worth” kick I was on. And then of course there was the whole stress of the huge falling out I had with that person who shall remain nameless. Ugh.
Today, I’m much better off, and FAR more mentally stable. I’ve grown a lot in the past year. I don’t have the hang ups I had this time last year. I’ve got more confidence, and I’m not going to take shit as easily any more. I’ve got my girls, and I adore them, but it’s a much more healthy relationship than my previous friendship. I’ve gotten over the attachment of one fella, moved on and went through the very necessary nonchalant time, getting used a little and using others a bit, in order to get where I am now, with someone who actually respects me. There are still people I miss that I don’t get to see anymore and I might not be writng as much as I should (though I’ve finished a novella in the past year.) and drinking more than I should and socializing a little too much but all in all I’m happy to report, for future returns to old LJ blogs, that I’m all right.


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Jun. 14th, 2007 11:37 pm (UTC)
Hee Sam drunk? The couple of times I've met him he's been pretty gone. He's adorable!
Jun. 15th, 2007 04:34 pm (UTC)
He is fabulous I adore him. Although he doesn't always get kicked out of gay bars for being trashed. he's been kicked out a coupple times for having Raye and me with him.
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