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Weekend Re-wind

Now that I’m no longer a sleep deprived grumpy-pants I can do my weekly weekend post. I’ve learned that I actually sort of need to post or else I tend to forget what happened when in my life so it’s all good. Short on time at the moment so I’ll try to keep it brief, even though it’s more for my own sake than anyone else, really. However to liven it up I’m going to try this shit backwards.
Yesterday I was so sleep deprived. There’s been this bird that hangs out right by my window and sings a very repetitive tune at four in the morning for about an hour. I’ve actually had to leave my room and sleep on the couch because of that little fucker before but Monday morning at 4, even when I went into the living room and closed my door, I could still hear it. I would rather it be the transients that hang out in the alley and wake me up because at least I know how to get rid of them, yell at them and threaten to call the cops or soothing but short of finding I shotgun I have no idea how to shut up this fucking bird. I had a hard time falling asleep to begin with because I had so much caffeine on Sunday just to keep me mobile. I had plans to go out with my mum downtown on Sunday. Usually I go over to the ‘rents on Sunday but my dad’s in Colorado and it seemed like it would be more fun if my mum and I had time out of the house. We met up at Westlake then went to the international district for some Dim Sum. I love dim sum, little portions of copious amounts of shrimp and pork prepared an handful of different ways. Delicious. Then we went back across town and had Margaretas, as per usual.
I was overloading on the caffeine on account of Saturday night in which I stayed out until about five in the morning. Christine had the brilliant idea of a Wii night. Andrew brought his Wiii over to Cathy’s (who has the big fuck-off flat-screen telly), Christine bought extra controllers and Mario Party and Cathy and Jordan made fondue. We all made our little Wii characters, played some bowling and then spent HOURS that just flew by on the Mario Party. Each couple team go to win once, I think, though a hint to anyone who might play, don’t play the computer, it’s a little bitch. After we crawled out of the underground hole, after our orgy of melted cheese and video games, it was light out.
Saturday I was rather unproductive as the night before I went out for happy hour, drinks for Samuels b-day and the Clever Dunnes. Sam’s birthday was not as I expected. Really, it was just the two of us and we hit up the place where he used to work, the bar he used to hang out at, the 6-11, and then Café Metropolitan. Even though it was the two of us (until we got to Café Metropolitian and he found a gaggle of gay boys and was happy so I left him to it and stopped cramping his style) Samuel got plenty of free drinks, in fact he puts me to shame. I get proud of myself for know my Dunnes staff on a first name basis but Samuel seemed to have befriended the bar staff of each bar we went to and got free drinks once or twice over. Speaking of bar staff, my drunken “you need to whip Jamie into shape” monologue at the Dunnes two weeks ago totally got back to her. When I approached the bar and saw her the first thing she said to me was “Did you get carded at the door?” in a very accusatory voice. I was so confused. That’s a weird thing to say to someone who’s been going there regularly for over two years. Shit, I’ve made an enemy. Luckly, Dan whooshed in and gave me my drink and the one that followed. I think I tipped him very well for saving me from a drink likely to be spat in by Jamie (which I probably deserve for talking shit.) Yeah. Good times. Made an ass of myself, walked home, and got home safely.
All and all, a good weekend. However, I think I’m staying in all this week, and resting up for Pride this weekend. The Hill will be hoppin’ and if it’s nice enough, we have a slurpee tradition to uphold. In the meantime, it’s best if I hide in my apartment, hopefully even be productive and hope the week goes by quickly.

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