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Weekend Post

This weekend went by far too fast. I fell like I just left the office to kick off the weekend yesterday, but now I’m back. Man. Luckily, there’s a holiday in the middle of my week so that should break it up a bit. Anyway, here goes the weekend post.
Friday, I didn’t have any plans, I had some anxiety about this but I had more anxiety when I found out what my plans were. I was to meet Cathy at the Dunnes after she had drinks with the Welshman’s fiancé, which, at most I can say was not going to be a pleasant visit for either of them. I met up with Cathy at the Dunnes, got the low down and the other girls eventually showed up as well after dinner. I was poor but the girls and Dan & Jason took care of me. We stayed at the Dunnes for a while but eventually took off and headed over  to the new Bimbo’s for food. On the way we skipped through Cal Anderson park singing “we’re off to see the Wizard.” Yes, that is what adorable drunks we girls are when we’re together. Anyway, I like that Bimbo’s is closer to my place because those are some bitchin’ burritos, however I’m not sure how much I dig the new space. I think I’m gonna miss the old Cha Cha. Oh well I was poured a very strong drink (Old Crow, gross) and the girls shared a casadea that didn’t look that appetizing.
Saturday, I took a long walk around Seattle (International District, Pioneer Square, Waterfront, Sculpture Park and up Denny). It was one of those beautiful days again that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. When I got home I got pretty and Cathy came over as Saturday night, another game night was upon us. While we were waiting for Andrew to come and pick us up, a couple of Mormons knocked on our door. Cathy happened to be answering our door and after she looked in the peephole she announced. “Omigod, Mormons.” They came to the wrong house. Cathy was fairly polite but did say that she and Jesus weren’t speaking anymore because “we don’t drunk one night and got in an argument.” All the while Raye is at the top of the stairs yelling, “Cathy! Just shut the door! Just shut the door.” I was on the phone with Andrew, who was trying to tell me that he was stuck in traffic on Denny but I was too distracted to hear what he was saying.
The Mormons were a sign of the weird Game Night ahead of us. It wasn’t that weird it was just...different. There was hardly a game, really. We tried to play twice but both times it didn’t end up working out for us. Perhaps it was because there were a lot of people. Perhaps it was because a lot of people showed up later and by the time we started to try to play after 10ish and people were already drunk. I had lots of fun though. Christine made these absolutely FABULOUS parfaits with hummus, homemade tiziki sauce, and sun dried tomatoes (well there were also ones with olives but I avoided those). There was boursin and chocolate fondue. It was a fucking fabulous speared. I even tried malika & erics avocado dip and liked it (I’m not big on avocado or guacamole, really). Most of the time, though, we all just sat on the deck, smoked, drank and talked. It was fun though. Apart from the confrontation about the booze, (Raye and I confronted one of the regular Game Night peeps that it’s not cool to show up with beer, then drink our booze and only return to the beer you brough when all of our booze is gone...it would be okay if it didn’t happen every time and it was ALWAYS mine and Rayes whiskey...and we’re poor so it’s not cool. We offened the person and I didn’t mean for that. Otherwise there was no other drama, though I don’t remember Samuel yelling on the phone. I might have already left by then.  Weird game night. Perhaps we need a new game for a while. Apples to Apples calls. Plus, there’s always Wii night to look forward to too.


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Jul. 6th, 2007 03:23 am (UTC)
I was so proud of you trying my dip! It really meant a lot that you were willing to try something that had things like onions and avacado that you don't like.

So did the game get finished? Also, dude what was up with that William dude? He was hanging physically all over me (I am an East Coaster who has a thing for personal space, heh) and at first I thought he was creepy and being rude, but Eric said his Gaydar was pinging all over...I guess mine is broken if it's true.
Jul. 6th, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
Heh, Eric and I both smoked so much on Sat night we both quit on Sunday and so far have both gone all week....it's usually the long haul that gets us though.
Jul. 6th, 2007 03:49 pm (UTC)
I'm amazed. I just smoke too much, take a break from smoking on Sunday becasue I go and visit my parents then as soon as I get home light up again. I'm in no hurry to quit though. Good luck.
Jul. 6th, 2007 03:48 pm (UTC)
Yeah that William guy was Christine's gay downstairs neighbor. So Eric was on top of that, your gaydar must be broken. You should have that taken in. :P

We didn't finish a single game. it was rediculous.
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