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I don't think I like this whole Holiday in the middle of the week thing. I mean it's nice to have a two thursday and fridays but as Raye pointed out this morning, you also have two mondays. And goddamn I'm not well this thursday/monday morning. I love margaretas. I love margaretas so much. Too much.

Monday, I finally got a sundress (which I've been wanting since spring.) I found one at Target for under twenty. I love it. It's like a lindsay lohan meet petrula clark dress. :) check it out.

love it. Wore it out on Tuesday to a birthday shindig. Andrew's BFF, Mia, turned thirty and had big birthday gathering. She wore a tiara, sash and staff (I think we girls need to kick it up a notch for birthday weekends.) Andrew piced me up and we took a cab down to the Wild Ginger. I had never been before but I wasn't really all that impressed with the food. Now maybe it's becasue I'm a cheep-ass and bought the second cheapest item on the menu (went for manderin chicken over th dollar cheaper kung-pow chicken) instead of something fabulous like scallops or calamari, but I just wasn't all that impressed. Afterward we headed over to the Noc Noc they were supposidily having 80's night though the music was kind of all over the place. I was not dressed in proper black attire but I still got compliments on my fabulous dress every time I went out for a cigarette, it seemed. I danced, I drank and had a jolly good time. untill I got really tired at the afterparty

For the 4th I went to my parents BBQ where I made a fabulous dip, two actually, ate ribs and drank too many margaretas. Following the excessive margareta drinking I called Andrew during the fireworks, then had a little drunken heart to hear t with my dad while smoking (that's right smoking in front of him) on the deck. Today I got to work and found a very sweet e-mail from him in my in-box. awww. It was a good time. i just drank too many margaretas which really really kicked my ass this morning. I still have heart-burn, it's killin' me. Allright I was going to write more random crap but i'll stop here.

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