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.Weekends are going by far far far too fast. Cathy came over on Friday and her, Raye and I drank vodka slurpees on the deck (my favorite summer treat in the wrold). Andrew was going to join but he got stuck at work all night. DOn't think he missed much when Raye and I got a bit trollied and turned into the drunk white girls dancing. My downstairs neighbor is a good sport. (My chilled lactose beverage brings all the members of the male persuasion to the front or back of my domicile and they proclaim “it’s superior to yours,” and I concur, it’s superior to yours. I could educate you on the subject but I would have to demand monetary compensation. )

Saturday Raye and I wanted a bimbo's burrito but the fates are really against us and their electric system or something was out so no burritos for us. We are apparently not hip enough or something to enjoy a bitchin burrito I guess. WTF? We went to the honeyhole instead had a fabulous sandwich, browsed babeland for a while and then went and wandered around Cal Anderson on a beautiful summer afternoon. I *heart* the hill ever so much. Andrew and I went out later to see a movie. Ratatouille is pretty damn adorible, and it has Paris involved so I'm automatically won over AND the creepy rat window display I saw when I was there was in the movie (also Featured on Anthony Bourdain's show as well) 

Wnyway I should probably stop ignoring the 'rents and go watch the Dr. Who they taped for me.

Certianly not going to be able to post much next week. At work the office is going to be cleared out so the church can clean and fix the floors, then we move back in and re-order stuff. All of this in the week it's supposed to be in the 90's. ugh. not too jazzed about that. Though I AM jazzed about the upcoming week. We've got Raye weekend ahead of us. Chopstix on Thursday, hell yeah, and some drunken debouchery on Friday the 13th. So I need to rest up. Report how it goes later.

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