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The birthdays just keep coming...

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY oniglass !!!!
  • Yesterday was Cathy's birthday. We met up at Christine's house, who did Cathy's hair all pretty around her tiara. Then we opened presents. Cathy got some awesome presents. Christine's was especially good, a maid who will clean Cathy's apartment and bake her cake or seomthing while she's at it. Hot. We had cake, again another erotic cake. oh la la. Then we went to the McCormicks on Westlake for yummy cheep happy hour food--salmon cakes, brie, quasedillas, spinich dip, mahi mahi, hummus---so much food. The one thing I wanted was clams which they took off thier happy hour menu, and the calamari was a nice second choice but they were out. Still there was a shit ton of food it was kind of rediculous. It was just us girls and Dorthy showed up for a while. Cathy got hit on a coupple times but the guys were jerks and at the end of the night she told 'em so. Good for her. (Note to guys, making fun a girl's friend is not a good way to win her over, dumbass.) We parked in Queen Anne and had the worst cab ride EVER, then ditched the cab and hopped on the 8 and headed over to the Dunnes. Unfortunitly the Dunnes was abnormally crowded for a Monday night and there were two other b-day parties going on over there(though we were the only ones with fabulous party hats), a band and it was really crowded. We stayed for a round and between all the food and the heat we left around midnightish. I hope Cathy had a good birthday. She looked fabulous and got awesome gifts. She still has another day of birthday festivities on Saturday when we go to the Cabaret. Pictures were taken but I'll have to post them later becasue I can't get them off my camera until Friday or Sunday.
  • Sunday I went to a wedding with Andrew. He was in the wedding so I was sitting around for a while on my own but I had a good time. I got to dress all pretty, drink free wine and champange and eat a fabulous dinner. Again, there are some pretty damn adorible pics on my camera but there's little I can do about it at the moment. Damn. I'm going to post a huge photo blog come the end of the week...assuming I can keep my head up for more than a second by the end of the week.
  • More fun coming up. The girls and I have a crazy week ahead of us. A moment of reminising, if no one minds, since this is Raye, Cathy and Oni's birthday it's been a year that "the Girls" have been "the Girls" Raye first met Cathy a year ago this weekend. Crazy. and Cathy's only been living in Seattl for about seven months. And yet in all that time we've just had so much fun and had so many fabulous outings. I just had to represent, and ya know give a little ove to the girls.
  • Alright, must go. I hope this cool weather holds out for a while so I can take a long walk in the cool air before Rosebud. Good times.


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Jul. 18th, 2007 07:40 pm (UTC)
hahahaha. This isn't the first time you've mentioned "Dorothy" I think. It surprises me since its not a common name.
Jul. 18th, 2007 09:17 pm (UTC)
Dorthy is an aquaintence a friend of my friend Cathy, very nice but I don't see her often so I don't blog about her

I like the name. :)
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