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This week in Mirland

Man I thought that after birthday time was over I would be free to do whatever, or have smoe Mir time but no. This week has been busy as well on account of people either visiting town or leaving town forever and ever. :(
On Monday raye and I to get drinks and meet up with oniglasswho was visiting from SF. I'm glad I got to see Oni while she was in town I was so busy last week I was afraid I wasn't going to be albe to. Also got to go to the Dunnes which I don't do nearly enough these days. It was good to catch up I can't belive how long it had been since I had seen her. Yeay! 
Tuesday I finally got some Mir time while I did my laundry. I didn't get to write but I was in a big reading mode. Earlier I was making a list of books (especially in my fav. genera of existential fiction) I need to read. So I got on that, read No Exit and then flipped around in my American Non-Required Reading book and especially enjoyed a Kurt Vogut piece about writing fiction. It was really waht I needed. Some me time, some books, oh and clean clothes and room was beyond necessary after two weeks of being away from home.
Wednesday, Cathy and I studied for the GRE for a little bit, then headed down to the Dunnes (again!) to meet up with Raye and Chris. It would be the last time we would be able to see Chris in Seattle before he leaves for Pullman for school on Friday. It was good times, the drinks were poured strong, the company was good, and all was well. I'm going to miss Chris. He's good people and makes a lot of awesome quotes. 
Yesterday, I went out for happy hour with fightinjesuit and my old boss from the Career Development Center at Su, Judy. Judy finally found a bitchin job in Moldovia fighting against the trafficing of women. I'm glad. We went to the Rendezvous and I'm very sorry to report that thier happy hour has changed. THEY CHENGED THIER HUMMUS PLATTER!!!  The Rendezvous hummus is like one of my favorite things in Seattle to eat and share with a friend. before I take a flight I make sure to have it so I will have enjoyed my favorite hummus in Seattle in case my plane falls out of the sky. It was perfect to share with someone who doesn't like tomato or fetta and loves cucumbers, onions and olives (becasue then I get all the fetta and tomato) this perfect hummus mate is usually Cathy though Christine also falls into that category. Now the plate is little and has no fetta or any of that other fun stuff. I'm pissed saddened. ANYWAY... after happy hour (which was still fabulous even though I died inside a little becasue of the hummus) I met up with Andrew downtown and the two of us headed for Ballard, circled around forever for parking and had a couple drinks at Kings. I was poor and really coudn't afford drinks but I still had a good time and laughed my ass off. Little hearts and stuff. 
Tonight the girls and I are revisiting childhood and watching muppet movies. that's right we're drinking in and having a muppet movie marathon. I guess we only get through about three if we're lucky. Even the Johnney Depp Marathon, I fell asleep by movie 3 after the booze was gone. We'll see how it goes.

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