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Ce weekend & other news

So on Friday, the girls and I had our muppet movie marathon. It was fun, returning to childhood a bit, going, "hey, it's ralph..I love Ralph, he's so awesome...no animal..he's awesome..Sweedish chef is my favorite though...though beeker's pretty damn adorible." They were pretty funny too with good quotes like "All I can see are millions of frogs on tiny crutches." And there were a lot of jokes I wouldn't get as a kid and got for the first time (considering the last time I saw the muppet movie I was like seven or so). We watched the Muppet Movie to take us back to childhood, sang some rainbow Connection, then we watched Muppets in Space and I have to give them credit the newer one was pretty damn funny...but also I had had a lot to drink by the time we got to that one. Samuel aslo came out from hiding on Friday and showed up...with fabulous gifts for Raye. ANd the gift? Art for our apartment, something we've been needing. Raye got these 8 awesome art prints of nudes from the 20's or perhaps earlier. They're beautiful and SO going in the stairwell. Nothing says welcome to chez Mir & Raye like 8 pairs of breasts. Samuel also got me two art prints, one of the Arch de Triuph and another an old French advert kind of art neuveauxy or in the taluse latrec type genera. He knows me so well, that gay boy.

Saturday, I walked over to Christine's and Andrew came over as well and Ryan, Christine, Andrew and I all played some Wii Mario Party. Last Wii night we didn't get very far on the game and some friends were just not into it, so we figured that we'd reschedule for those that liked it. We ordered pizza, played some wii and hung out. After we left Ryan and Christine alone Andrew and I played some Guitar Hero until I got too tired. I was never much of a video game person but I really like these new interactive video games, it's entertainment that doesn't feel like a waste of time to me. Also as poor as I am untill the first, a weeked of staying in and having fun was imparative.

Sunday I met up with my parents and Raye and we saw the Simpson's movie, which I enjoyed throughly. Then again, it would be hard not to. I'm a huge Simpsons fan, I've been watching it since it first started and I was a wee child, and there's not much they could do to dissapoint me, I'm too loyal. Hackneyed stories they've already done...don't care as long as it makes me laugh. We went out to lunch afterward, the four of us then I headed over to the rents' to visit.


The Girls are likely to be vacationing together in 2008 in Hawaii, woo! Now, Hawaii is not high on my list of places I would like to see before I die. It's never really been a major destination spot for me, however I'm a big fan of taking advantage of opportunities when they arise. Raye's parents have a time share there that she's welcome to use, so considering that lodging is 1/2 the cost of traveling...it's so insanely reasonable and do-able. So lets do it. My list aside, who wouldn't want to sit in paradise and drink margaretas all day for vacation? Seriously. Plus, the Girls and I would have such a blast. We painted Portland red, imagine what we cold do in Hawaii. This is a very exciting development. It's not set in stone yet but the girls are all a go and we can make it happen.

Second really exciting thing going on? Guess who's going to see Eddie Izzard in August? THIS GIRL!
In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: Woo-hoo!

(Speaking of tix, I have a ticket to Lilly Allen at the Paramount on the 15th of Sept that I can't use as I'm going out of town that weekend, comment if you might be interested, mind you it's only 1 ticket.)

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