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Ce Weekend

Time for the obligatory weekend post. If I don’t write about it...how will I remember what I did?
Thursday Andrew and I went out to the Rosebud with his mum and his mum’s friend. I already went through the whole meeting the mum for the first time thing at least over a month ago so it wasn’t awkward or anything. Actually it was fun. His mum got a bit trollied from two glasses of wine, and she got dinner for us all. There are three things I love about the Rosebud, one is the cheap, strong drinks, two is the fact that there’s an outdoor patio and finally the food though overpriced is delicious. For once I got to enjoy all three things I love about the Rosebud. The cute quote from his mum; “Wait you’re supposed to tip him every drink? Even if he’s just pouring wine?” Then she said something along the lines of our generation being ridiculously generous. It was cute. It was also cute when the two of us got into talking about Paris while Andrew was off ordering our food, and when he returned his mom just said “Andrew, you need take Miranda to Paris.” He he.
Friday, I was to have dinner with his dad and step mum. This one I was a little more nervous about because it had been built up for so long. It went well actually. Andrew did turn into pouty kid pretty early on and I remembered to stop drinking wine to make the exit a little after dinner. The neat part was that I got picked up in an MG little sports car from the ‘70’s. I guess Andrew’s car broke down and he borrowed one of his dad. His dad being a car guy we got to drive around in style (to Bothell, so meh) on the one hand but on the other hand, his dad had me spent most of the time explaining the reason why I don’t drive and have absolutely no ambition to ever learn how to do so. It’s a very alien concept to him, as alien as it is to my relatives in Colorado. I really do have a lot of good reasons, at least more reasons to not drive than to drive.
Saturday, I got to have some Mir time at the apartment. Raye’s been house-sitting for Christine this week so the apartment has been all mine. However, I’ve been mostly just coming home to shower and change before going out so the apartment got pretty gross on me. Saturday I spent cleaning, listening to fabulous ‘70’s glam rock and singing as loudly as I please. It was wonderful, with the exception of the fucking blue angels drowning out David Bowie. Afterwards I walked over to Christine’s to visit Raye. Cathy came too and we drank booze, talked and got ourselves all excited for our vacation in Hawaii
The next day we weren’t feelin’ so hot but he all had some breakfast and watched Snakes on a Plane! Cathy hadn’t seen it before and we will be taking a plane back from Hawaii just like in the movie, so why the hell not. Oh Snakes on A Plane, the best worst movie ever. Afterwards, we got out of lazy time and hit West Seattle and went swimming in the salt water pool. I love swimming so much I think I’m going to do it more often before we get to Hawaii. Actually, I’m pretty sure I should because it’s been so long, I had no idea swimming was so exhausting. (a good work out though, for sure). I got really tired just going from one end to the other. If I’m going to go snorkeling, I’ve got to do better than that.
Yeah...so that’s my weekend. Next week...Eddie Izzard. :)

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