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So I don't know what the hell I did, I know I didn't fall or slip or jerk my leg weird, but I pulled a tendon in my right leg/back of knee/thigh/calf. I just woke up with it feeling all sore on Wednesday mornig but I didn't think too much of it and I thought I could walk it off. So after work I had to go to my Parents house to pick up my Eddie Izzard tickets. I've been an ambitious walker lately, walking from work or my hosue to Christine's house on upper, western Queen Anne for the past coupple of weeks (and up Queen Anne Avenue, btw.) So I tired to walk it off by walking to my Parents house in Magnolia from Downtown. Perhaps not the best idea. It started hurting a bit more after that but that's what booze is for. 

The next day when I woke up it was really hurting and i found myself limping and not able to straighten my leg or make a full stride. I limped to work and back, but I was busy at my desk all day, sitting, so I might have been extra stif and sore. So I decided to give it a day or rest once I got home. I would not go excersize or walk I would just keep it elevated and keep a heat pad on it for a while. 

So what do you do whaile youre stuck in bed with leg pain brought on mysteriously? You watch hours and hours of HOUSE, of course! I'm limping, he's limping. I'm grumpy, he's grumpy. I've got a mystirous medical condition*, he solves mysterious medical conditions! (*well. how I got it is a mystery, anyway) That show is just too addictive. After one was over I thought, "oh man I want a cigarette," but between the patio being on the oppisite end of my bedroom, and the episode selection screen taunting me with the next episode to watch "oh that's a good one" I didn't even very often get around to satisfying my nicotine addiction. Which means House is more addictive than cigarettes. 

Raye's friend Tracy works at a doctor's office and she gave me some advice. I slept with it elevated and with some heat on it beofre I passed out and I woke up this morning with it feeling much better. I'm still walking funny and not able to fully extend my leg but I'm walking much more smoothly, it's only a slight limp. I hope it gets better. Tomorrow we're walking to the Seattle Center to go on rides, then walk back up the hill so I can get pretty for Eddie. It better be better by tomorrow becasue I want to look fabulous for the show and if I can't wear heels my options are pretty limited. Damnit. 

Getting better, though. I still want to take it a bit easy, but also not sit on my ass all night. There must be a happy medium where I can still recover. Ya know?



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Aug. 10th, 2007 09:57 pm (UTC)
Just a suggestion....
Mir, has anyone kissed it to make it better? But seriously, it sounds like one big fat drag. You didn't see anybody in your proximity who was carrying an umbrella, did you? In the event, please get well soon!

Aug. 10th, 2007 10:17 pm (UTC)
Re: Just a suggestion....
he he he.
Thank you Mr. Cat. :)
(Deleted comment)
Aug. 13th, 2007 04:41 pm (UTC)
Re: Just a suggestion....
Actually tracy told me that heat would work better in may case to relax the muscles and ice was not as usefull. I did both before she told me that. It's okay I'm better for the most part now. :)
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