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Ce Weekend (featuring Eddie Izzard)

Friday night Raye and I went out to the Dunnes with Cathy to celebrate and toast to Cathy getting a proper full time with benefits type job. We went early to get the happy hour. I got a couple of doubles Andrew picked me up at the bar and we headed north. I’ve had a tendency to double book myself on Friday evenings. The two of us went to Edmonds to join a dinner at his aunt/uncles/cousin’s house. It’s so weird going back to Edmonds, it looks the same only different. It carries too many memories and reminds me of a person I’m not anymore. Yeah, weird. Oh and the taste of Edmonds was going on, so it was actually as hoppin’ as Edmonds gets. When we arrived at the house there were only the older folk sitting around drinking wine as the kids our age were out at the beer garden of the festival. Anyway. I had a good time. I think I got a little too trollied because I started off with the two doubles and then drank I don’t know how much wine when I got there. I might have embarrassed myself a little bit, and I think Andrew hid my wine glass from me at one point. I had a long drunken conversation with his uncle about the best female characters in Shakespeare. (His uncle is also a theatre guy like my dad and as I am an English major and theatre kid, I always have a lot to say about Shakespeare). Andrew and I got to boast that we were going to see Eddie Izzard on Saturday and what not. It was a good time.
The next morning, I got up a little early, not feeling too hot from the wine the night before. I couldn’t let a little hangover detour me from my plans to go to the fun forest, even though the thought of going on rides while you’re queasy and hung-over is a little ridiculous. That’s right, Cathy, Raye and I had plans (again in the re-visiting childhood theme of the summer) to go to the Fun Forrest at the Seattle Center and ride some rides. We walked over to Cathy’s, who was also a little hung over, and then walked down Denny to the Seattle Center. Dorothy, who we had plans to hang out with later anyway, called right when we were in her ‘hood so we walked over to her apartment and fetched her as well. Unfortunately for Raye, the ride she came specifically to ride was shut down for maintenance, however, we weren’t going to let that stop us from having fun. Granted the Fun Forrest is not all that great. There is only a small handful of rides, but that more than nothing, and no reason to not take advantage of what we’ve got. We went on the log ride first. When my dad worked at the theatre in Seattle Center when I was a kid I always went on the log ride, it was always my favorite. Dorothy stood back and worked as our photographer. 

 Going up the log Ride

.Then we went on the green spiny thing. 

I was sitting in a booth by the girls but, then one of the workers said I had to move to the opposite side of the ride to make balance. It bummed me out. Not only was I sitting alone I was sitting alone so far from my friends I couldn’t speak or laugh with them. I pouted. 

Then a couple of other people wanted to ride so I got to go back and be with my girls. It made me a lot happier.

Finally we went on the little roller coaster. 

It might be small and short but, damn it’s fun. It’s very jerky and just throws you around in your seat. It was so much fun Raye and Cathy went twice.  

Once we were done with the rides we milled around the Seattle Center for a little bit longer, Raye and I hoped that maybe we could find soft-serve but failed again. I didn’t notice until last summer but Seattle is a no soft-serve city.
We walked back up the hill and gradually went our separate ways and I headed home to go gussy up for Eddie Izzard (while watching Eddie Izzard at the same time, of course). My leg felt much better so I was still able to do all that walking to the Seattle Center and back AND got to wear my heels and slinky black dress. Yeay!
Andrew picked me up and we grabbed tasty pub fare and drinks a Jabu’s before the show. (oh, really tasty pesto club, btw, I was impressed.) We went over to the Rep at about 7:20 or so, bought a glass of wine and mingled with my parents for a little while. I have to say I was a little bummed out/felt a little out of place with the casual dress of people. I don’t know maybe it’s me but I figure a night at the theater, at the Rep at least, step it up a notch people. I mean I know it’s Eddie Izzard and not the Opera or anything but please. Maybe it’s just because I was in my awesome black dress and other people were in jeans and a t-shirt. We got to our seats. We were separated from my parents but in the same row. They were at the end and Andrew and I were in the middle (that worked out well for me.) No more re-living the base ball game incident. Plus I could see Eddie perfectly in front of me. It was glorious.
Eddie came out all bloke-y (that’s the best way to describe it.) I was curious about that because of the Riches and the fact that this is a “work in progress” not a proper tour that he had to look fabulous in. The show was good. There was a bit of a rough start. I don’t think the revolutionary war bit is all together yet. It’s also weird to hear him get a little more political. He’s also a wikipedia addict these days he says, like I’ve become. I loved the bit about how people pronounce “Jesus” differently than his name was so if there ever was a second coming, and Jesus would be all “hey it’s me,” people wouldn’t know who he was talking about and would just think he was a nutter. He did return to some old material, with varying jokes. For example he went back to Glorious show a bit and talked about Noah’s arch and evil ducks, though this time with similar but slightly different jokes. Then, in a bit about a weather report in hieroglyphics, Eddie had an aerial attack from a fly that hit him in the face. That bought us an extra fifteen minutes of material. As he pointed out that the fly was slowly limping away stage right. “Upstaged by a bloody fly” He did the whole Gladiator thumbs up or thumbs down to the audience if he should kill it but even though the audience was about half and half he didn’t. I’m glad he didn’t kill it, not that I’m pro fly or anything I say kill the buggers it just shows good character on Eddie’s part to not kill the fly in front of an audience. Finally, I was in tears, weeping with laughter, my face hurting for smiling for over an hour and a half, when he did his bit on intelligent design and cows having four stomachs & human’s appendix being pointless anymore and exploding out of protest. The show started at 8 and I remember looking at my cell phone on the way out and seeing it was 10:06. We got two hours of comedy sans intermission. Although I would have liked an intermission for a chance to let my mouth relax and to have a smoke, it was so great that the flow got going and he just, made with the comedy. When the tour is underway and comes to Seattle you know I’ll be there to see how the set has changed over time. Oh yes and I took one picture in the encore. It’s blurry but I did it very hastidly because I don’t like to take pictures during shows, but I just wanted one for the memory. It’s blurry and generally crap but, meh. 

After the show, the ‘rents, Andrew and I went out for a couple of drinks in Lower Queen Anne and then Andrew and I parted ways with the ‘rents and headed over to Ballard for more drinking. We went to a bar that was pretty desolate for a Sat. night, played some Golden Tee for entertainment, bought more booze on the way home, played more games and indulged in more British comedy until morning. In other words it took a lot of booze and many hours for the adrenalin to wear off.


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Aug. 15th, 2007 03:36 pm (UTC)
We can totally go again.. lets do it!
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