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Being all retrospctive and stuff...

 I found my BFF from grades 4-6 on myspace. I remember how huge and tragic it was when she moved back to Texas. We called eachother all the time through the summer, then a little less by 7th grade, less and less. The whole group fell apart and went thier seperate ways, a letter came here and there untill by the end of 8th grade...yeah I mean we all know how it goes. (There's no real such thing as BFF, that last f is a lie or at least an exageration.) Now, thanks to MySpace I caught up with her. She's still in Texas, married and just had a daughter and she's totally happy. Pretty much what I expected, I'm just glad I got conformation that she's happy from the source. 

Then I started thinking that I’m so happy that she did move because if she hadn’t I don’t even like to think about what kind of a person I would be today. If I ended up in middle school and high school with that group of friends and never got exposed to all the fun kids, parties, alcohol and drugs that made me the fabulous person that I am today. When you take that out of the picture would I have still gone to SU (probably) would I have still worked at Tablet (probably not). I guess there’s no way of knowing but, it blows my mind, man. Not that there’s anything wrong with Ashley or anything but the kids I ended hanging out with after she left just opened up a whole new world to me and I am who I am because of it and I like who I am so I’m just grateful is all.


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