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Proper Update

The job is still going well though this week, yesterday especially, has been insanely stressful. It’s always stressful for me when my boss is out. She’s been on vacation all this week and it’s a payroll week and only the third pay period with the new time clock. The transition into a time clock has been a rocky one (people are still not good at remembering to clock in/out) and there’s a lot of cleaning up to do in the program. Also there’s different software for me to learn to do payroll on my own. However payroll day wasn’t so bad as yesterday when the bookkeeper and I realized that with my boss out of town, who as to sign the paychecks for the people who don’t have direct deposit? Turns out the other two people who have signing authorization were also on vacation this week...ahhh. All day back and forth on the phone with the board director, my boss, the bank, the paychecks people...absolute hell. It’s figured out though and this morning I passed out everyone’s check and all is well. I knew that if I had to tell someone before labor day weekend that they can’t get paid, my head would be on a stick on the balcony warning any future admin assistant applicants of the carnage that is met after a botched payroll. Words can not express how much I’m looking forward to this three day weekend after a week like this.
So it turns out that the four girls are not all going to Hawaii, just Raye and me. I’m really really bummed out about it but Cathy and Christine have valid reasons. I still want to go, and I am. This just means it’s going to be at least twice as expensive for me, I’m immobile and I’ll be missing half my girls. However, in effort to make the most of everything I need to remember the good stuff. Hawaii was not on my list of places I really want to see, honestly. I have a three tier list of places I want to go, at best Hawaii is on the third tier. However, I’m an opportunist and when opportunity presents itself I like to take it, and even though I feel like I’ve been baited and switched twice in this whole ordeal, it’s still a good travel opportunity. Most of all, because it’s not high on my “places I have to see” list, I think it’s going to be more relaxing. All the time when I go someplace, I have a list of things I want to do and see. I get up early every morning and stay out drinking all night. It’s kick-ass to be travel super woman and all, but it’s not really a proper relaxing vacation. This trip will be my first vacation. Just the thought of sitting on the beach drinking margaritas all day, maybe reading a book, taking a casual hike with my camera, then going in a hot tub with more margaritas...sounds lovely. Oh yeah and I still have my heart set on eating copious amounts of pig at an authentic luau!  Not to mention I get terribly depressed in the winter, especially right around February so it will get me out of the post-Christmas, Seattle winter doldrums.
Little Hearts and Stuff
Things with Andrew are going really well. I think that, despite this whole going to the gym with the girls schedule, I’m still balancing everything all right. Last Friday we went to the LetterX reading (the girl who publishes it is his friend and former boss) and on Saturday I went with him to a family function (birthday party) and it was a good party. Man there was lots of food and although no booze the stock of wine appeared to be endless. They totally know how to party and they all really like me so it’s all good. His family is a lot more, well, family oriented. Not mine. My parents moved a handful of states away for a reason. I kind of assume that that’s how everyone’s family is until I’m with families that are actually close to each other. I’m thinking about it a lot too lately because in mid September my grandparents and aunt are coming out and although I’m looking forward to it I dread the madness that comes with my family visiting. Also Andrew is totally invited to dinner with us but I’m dreading it. It’s not that I don’t want them to meet him, I do I just don’t want to subject him to my family. Then when I see a family like his all getting along for the most part I feel like even more of an ass for feeling the way I do about my family. So yeah, the invitation is open but he’s free to decline. So here I am, totally being excepted with open arms into one family while as far as I’m concerned I feel like mine should have a sign that says “Enter At Your Own Risk”  (Not so much with my parents, but the extended bunch.)
The time at the gym has been nice. I got two sessions with the personal trainer which is apparently a $120 value for my 5 dollar for 5 week trial. She helped me out. I now know how to do some things on my own and when I start going to the SU gym. I so can’t afford any more sessions though, I’m not sure if she knows that. Raye didn’t have such good luck. She had this meathead guy “training” her and basically acting as a human infomercial for their brand of supplements. She didn’t even get to any working out with that guy he just pushed pills, and talked about the importance of protein shakes in lieu of meals, which is barking up the total wrong tree when talking to a cook.
Not going to Bumbershoot this year, which feels odd. It’s been a Labor Day tradition for me since high school. It was the last hurrah before going back to school but it’s too expensive and there aren’t any bands that I’d pay that much to go see so I say fuck it. For the price of buying one day’s bumbershoot ticket this late I could get my Stereo Total ticket, their new album, and probably even the new Irvine Welsh book that comes out next week. I’d much prefer those. :)
 That was beyond a proper updat...more like an overabundance of update...


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Sep. 1st, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
I definitely understand the whole families thing with you and Andrew. It's similar with me and Paul. His family has totally embraced me. They get along, they like me, etc. My family, on the other hand, is a bit more dysfunctional.

We just gotta make it work!

:) GRae
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