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Vive le week-end

It was kinda a weird weekend. Friday I cut loose after a stressful (and poor) week and went to the Dunnes with raye and we met up with Cathy and Tracie and Andrew. What can I say it was a Clever Dunnes kind of night and after it was over, Raye helped me stumble home. Saturday I slept in, spent a couple hours cleaning, Raye made an awesome “breakfast for dinner” and then we made jello shots and I had margaritas and we ended up hangin’ out, drinkin’ with the neighbors, which was lovely.
Sunday I accidentally slept in until 2 in the afternoon. I called my parents to see what the plan was with hanging out with them and when my dad answered all I got was “I’m going to have to call you back we just had a car accident.” I heard sirens in the background right before he hung up on me. I worried for a couple of hours before I heard back. They’re both okay but the car is done. Some 18 year old blonde bimbo in an SUV from Snohomish didn’t know how to drive in the city and either merged or tried to make a left turn and didn’t bother to look and see my parents little hatchback. The SUV won. My mom was very upset but we ate meat, escaped with episodes of Dr. Who and drank yummy White Russian milkshakes.
Labor Day was probably the best day of the weekend. Andrew and I went out and saw a movie, then had a couple of drinks at the Rosebud and around 8:30 or so I headed up to Chop Suey to see Stereo Total. I went all by my lonely and when I got to the bar, the show still hadn’t started as one of the opening bands was caught in traffic. When I went out to smoke a cigarette, I started talking to this hipster gay boy who I had seen outside on the patio at the Rosebud. Paul (hipster gay boy) and his friend invited me over to his apartment for a drink as it seemed like it would be a while before Stereo Total would be playing. I followed. He served drinks (two others joined) then we went on the roof drop to drink, smoke and I fully enjoyed the panoramic view of Seattle from the rooftop of 15th and Madison. This was when the lightening storm was going on in the distance over west Seattle. Despite my lack of fitting in in the conversation (I didn’t feel remotely intellectual enough around these people) I couldn’t have been happier enjoying my vodka tonic, my cigarette, and my city (with a light show to boot!). I got a little nervous about missing the band I’ve been excited about seeing damn near all summer so I took off and headed back to the venue. There I ran into a girl I knew from SU who I talked to for a little while (for going to the show alone I wasn’t lonely for very long), got a drink and got my place up front, against the stage. The band was awesome, as they always are. They’re so full of energy and are simply adorable. I danced my ass off the whole time and during the encore got pulled on stage to dance with Francoise. After the show I got a drink, met up with the one guy from the house that ended up coming and as we left the venue with a “I’ll probably never see you again but it’s nice to meet you” Too bad too, he got pictures of me dancing drunk on stage at a Stereo Total show. Wait, maybe that’s a good thing, I might not want to see those pictures. :P

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