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Stuff and Things

  • I found a candy bar in my pocket at work on Friday. I had two first thoughts about the mysterious chocolate bar 1) i have a secret admirer somewhere at work!!! or 2) someone's trying to poision me!!!  Both are rediculously extreeme conclusions. It's probably more likely that it's an appreciation for my work, or eveyone got one while I was on my long weekend in Canada or, perhaps it'ss been there for a while like since Valentines day or something and I never dug deep enough to find it until now. Then I started to think how fuct up it is that those were my two first conclusions, what does that say about me? I think it means that I'm a geek who's either seen too many romantic comedies or read too mcuh shakesphere and greek tragedy in my time. In either case i have not had the chocolate bar. Anybody want a "M-azing" bar? M&M wafers in chocolate bar
  • Had an excellent weekend. Friday evening went out for drinks with Andrew at the Tin Hat.  Had a lazy and wonderfull Saturday hanging out with him and watching all the "The IT Crowd" I love falling for more Brittish Comedy but when you watch it all in one sitting...then it's over...you get so sad that the funny has ended. One more episode left to come out, at least. After we ran out of episodes to watch we went to Madame K's in Ballard for an excellent pizza dinner. Went back home and me and Raye and Cathy hung out at the apartments and had drinks. I totally got the girls trollied and got them to agree to going to Vancouver BC for my birthday. I enticed them with the promise of going to H&M. ha ha! Our neighbors Eric & Marvin stopped by for a little while, brought us flowers (aparently Marvin's a florist) and over ripe bananas. Thanks to the gift of overripe bananas, I was able to make banana muffins on Sunday morning before going over to my parent's house. It was also really flattering that Cathy was REALLY (granted, drunkenly) enthused that I was going to make more banana muffins. Awww.  She gets lots of muffins from now on. :)
  • Let's see what else is up. I wrote to Stephanie who I haven't written a letter to in forever and it's good to get in contact with her again. I want to go down and visit her, she says she can put me up for a night, although October's going to be busy for me as I'm going to work the box office at the theatre to help out my dad and Terri while earning a little extra dosh for myslef to save for vacation. Woo-hoo!

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