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Friday- I went our to the Rosebud with Andrew for a coupple of hours. Had a few drinks with just Andrew then the two of us met up with Raye and Cathy at Linda's (they had plans to go to LInda's, since it's been a really long time since we've been). When we got there Christine and Ryan were also there. IT was a full un party of all my girls, the boyf and Ryan. Cathy's male-type-friend showed up with his firend, a nice and fun lesbian girl who's name escapes me, showed up and we all couldn't fit into our little booth. We ended up going out to kareoke. 

Now. I am strictly ANTI-KARAOKE. I think it's dumb to sit there and watch a bunch of strangers musically rape my favortie songs, or sing songs I don't know or care about. I'm not a bad singer, have a tendency to bogart the stage when I'm drunk as I love singing, but in front of stangers I have terrible stage fright. So I've told my friends who acutally like the crap that is kareoke, the stipulations underwhich I will actually do kareoke. 1) iI must be amungst friends 2) I must have a private booth type arangement and weed out that whole stranger thing and 3) there must be booze. So we walked down the hill and ended up renting a kereoke room and smuggled booze in. And guess what. I had lots of fun. Lots and lots of fun. The girls and I sang Mr. Brightside and rocked out (I don't know what it is about that song but it just does something to girls...we go nuts. It was a good thing for Andrew that Ryan was there to off-set the estrogen.) I ended up singing David Bowie "Ashes to Ashes" and T-Res "20th Century Boy" I also sang" Spiderwebs" With Raye. Andrew, the whitest boy in the world  doing "drop it like it's hot" was pretty hilarious as well. Oh yeah and I sang the last song of the night, my favorite Beatle's song "Norweigion Wood" and dedicated to Chrisitine who got me to do kareoke and becasue it's both our favorite Beatles song. So there it it. I had fun doing kareoke for the first time ever. My skin wasn't crawling and I wasn't full of bubbling anger and self loathing. 

The next morning I had plans with Raye to go to the Soap Box Races in Freemont. I was in Ballard and walked over to Freemont via Leary. It was a lovely walk that, luckily lead me right to Cafe Ladro for a much needed coffee. I milled around Freemont for a while while I watied for Raye. I like Freemont, moreso when I'm there and not dealing with someone having a hard time finding parking to hang out there. I don't know. I like it during the day there. it's nice. Raye and I met up, we got lunch at Blue Moon burger, which I'm now on the bandwagon on, it's pretty delicious. We watched the races for a while and it was really fun but it was very crowded and Raye was having a hard time seeing. So we bounced and headed back to the hill, right about when it was starting to get all cold and icky out anyway. 

Saturday night Andrew and I went over to Amy and Cales, had pizza and wine and played Risk. Damn that game. It was really getting interesting by like two in the morning, but our hosts were about to pass out. Andrew could have kept going for hours, and I had cards to turn in that would have earned me fifty five armies, damn it but Amy and Cale weren't going to make it so we made a move. I just like to walk away thinking that with my fifty five armies I totally would've taken asia and austrailla and eventuually take over the americas, Bit I was happy with my stronghold of Africa and western europe (well untill Andrew took it from me right before we left...though ya know that had NOTHING to do with why we left :P)

All and all a good weekend.

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