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Little annoyances

  • The smoke detecter in the hall way started beeping this morning at about 6:30. Not going off just giving the occasional, high-pitched "beep" in intervals long enought that you start to anticipate...thhen hear nothing...then think maybe it stopped then BEEP! I got on a stool and tried to deal with it this morning. It's wired into the ceeling and yet is probabably beeping at me to replace the battery. WHY DOES IT NEED A BATTERY IF IT'S WIRED WITH ELECTRICITY?!?!?! It took forever to just get the battery out becasue the attatchment to the wireing blocked the battery flap so it wont open all the way. we get the battery out..and it still beeps becasue it's wired in. Ahhh! I left the house with it beeping. Don't really want to go home to it either. grr.
  • Also we're on the look out for my Glinda the good whitch costume. All the ones at costume shops are CRAP! if any one has something of the likes let me know. I gotta be Glinda. Cathy's being Dorthy, Christine's being the Wicked Witch of the West and Somebody's gotta represent the North, yo!

  • Last night I was a girl in a time and was in a lot of pain but I can say HORAY for viccodin. They should give that to all girls to use. That stuff is so groovy. Good for crams and hangovers. Horay for viccodin!


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Oct. 5th, 2007 10:52 pm (UTC)
I know what you mean about costume-shop costumes being crap. The last time I attended a Hallowe'en costume party, which was about 20 years ago, I went as a Confederate States of America army officer; and, since I decided to go at the last minute, I went to a costume shop looking for just such a Civil War military costume.

Yes, they had one; and yes, it was complete and utter crap; but I rented the damned thing anyway, as time was short. Of course, nobody at the party really cared how authentic-looking anybody's costume was; but I cared about how tacky mine looked.

The real laugh was the "sword" which came with the costume: It was this little plastic thing about 18 inches long, looking much like a kid's toy rather than any actual sword. Now, how come there aren't costume shops where you can get realistic costumes?

One thing I noticed whilst in the shop was that all the "animal" costumes had cartoon-character headpieces. If you wanted to wear, let's say, a gorilla costume you'd expect the damned thing to at least resemble a gorilla rather than some generic hairy creature with a happy-face mask.

My conclusion, not surprisingly, was that costume shops are a giant waste of money and time. All the costumes are apparently designed by people who haven't a clue.

Oct. 8th, 2007 04:02 pm (UTC)
Re: Costumes
Yeah my dad, who's in theatre has never liked halloween becasue he feels that it's ametures who don't know what their doing with thier costumes, never going the distance. He's never in the Halloween spirit. However, growing up it was cool becasue my costumes kicked ass becasue I had professional make up at my disposal and a wardrobe to borrow from. What I wouldn't give for that now with my Glinda costume. Luckily, my friend found one on e-bay. Home made, more like the real thing and we can still jazz it up a bit once it comes in.
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