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Ce week-end

 Man, this weekend went by way too quickly. I'm exhausted. 

Friday--Went out to the Twilight Exit with Raye and met up with Chad and Arch to catch up. Later on Tracy showed up and we were all once again reminded of how small of a city Seattle can be. Aparently her ex-boyfriend of the past few years was Chad's manager up until a week ago or something. Crazy. Also while I was waiting in line for a drink (most unattentive bartender ever, but strong drinks) this dude recognized me as Andrew's girlfriend, and aparently I had met him the week before in Ballard but I didn't recall. Andrew showed up later as well and stuck around to get Tracie, Raye and I started on a game of Golden Tee before he had to go to a thing across town with his town 9kareoke related so I'm out). When Andrew left us to Golden Tee we weren't doing too bad, perhaps two over par or so. By the last holes we were too trollied and the game had gotten too hard, we were at like 22 above par, it was rediculous. Walking back to the apartment, I fell down and scrapped the hell out of my hands. Luckily Tracie has medical knowledge and totally took care of it...once I saw what I had done when I got home. (the first of THREE accidents this weekend by Clumsy McClumseyton, or in this particular case Drunken McDrunkerton.)

Saturday--Raye, Tracie and I really weren't feeling too hot. We sat around the apartment all day watching episodes of House. My second injury was letting the lid of the recycling fall on my arm. I've a huge bruise now. Meanwhile, Cathy was off taking the GRE and getting nibblies ready for game night, which she was hostessing. It was a very sucessful and not terribly cramped. We had us four girls, Cathy, Christine, Raye, myself, as well as Tracie, Andrew, Eric, Derek and eventually Samuel. It was good times. Some of my favorite moments, Eric doing the Cameo (cherades) of whoopiecushion to mime "whoopie" he did a pantimime of having sex in different positions or "making whoopie." Which, as Andrew pointed out, would have been a great way to get us to guess whoopie if it were 1923. Another good moment, the question was which of these headers is not one of the seven habbits of highly effective people..."never take no for an answer." My responce was that was not one of them becasue..."Sometimes you have to take no as an answer, otherwise it's just rape." I made the quote book!

Sunday--Again, the occupints and overnight guests of chez Mir and Raye were not feeling great. Sunday was to be the day that the girls got together and had "Craft Day." We went over Christine's and jazzed up our costumes. I made a wand for my Glinda ourfit. Cathy Sewed a butterfly on to my dress. Christine attatched a cape to her Wicked Witch Dress and we added a little bit of felt and took in Rayes dress. None of us were really lovin' life that day but we got much of what we needed done and I gotta say we looked pretty damn adorible when we all dressed up in our Wizard of Oz costumes. I took a picture but never got around to uploading it. Will definitly have more after Halloween to post. Oh yeah, and my Clusy McCluseyton moment number three was when I walked into the corner of Christine's coffee table and proceeded to fall on the couch yelling in pain. I think the knee has a funny bone spot and I found it. Three days of hurting myself in a row. Here I thought I was pretty perceptive when it came to my surroundings but I guess the bruises and bandgages say otherwise.


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Oct. 23rd, 2007 01:04 am (UTC)
Heh, Eric told me about the Whoopie cushion incident. I was like, there's no way I would have been able to guess that from what he was doing, hahahahaha!
Oct. 23rd, 2007 03:41 pm (UTC)
he he. Yeah luckily I wasn't on him team so I saw the card before hand. Not the way I would have gone with it :P
Oct. 26th, 2007 06:33 am (UTC)
Good times all around!!!
Small world or not, it was still a pretty good time.

The rest of my weekend? Not so much. I ended up back in the hospital again on Saturday night. I had to undergo another surgical procedure. Have I told you that I can't wait for this year to be over yet?

PS - Still mad props to the boy for the funniest response to my love of DM that I've ever heard.
Oct. 26th, 2007 05:53 pm (UTC)
Re: Good times all around!!!
Oh no! Again. Is everything okay now?It wasn't alcohol related, the hospital visit, was it? If it is I'll have to find an entirely sober way to hang out from now on. Coffee catch up, not that caffine is all that good for you either. Damnit.

I hope you're recovering all right.

And yes I'm glad the boy has your stamp of approval. Horay for sardonic humor.
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