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Great weekend...can I go to sleep now?

Ugh I’m so exhausted. I’m on my second espresso (quad mocha) and I took a dayquill. I should be bouncing off the walls but I’m brain dead and still sleepy. Really wanted to take a sick day and stay in bed today but couldn’t bring myself to it. The morning seemed especially slow when my computer witched back to daylight savings early so it felt like I had been to work longer than the clock said I did. Glad that got corrected. Anyway...
 It was an excellent weekend, however it was far from restful and I think I only spent about two hours of it in my own apartment. This weekend I...
  • Went to dinner with Andrew’s family
  • Took two hours to get to Cap Hill to Ballard when there was an accident on 15th
  • Had an uncomfortable conversation with a southern republican old lady who wouldn’t stop talking to me while waiting for the bus. Lady was racest and INSANE. She said that if Obama won the Presidency he would only look out for blacks and minorities, because “that’s what they do, look after their own.” Yeah, because rich white guys really think about the greater good and never just look out for their rich white guy friends. Made me angry.
  • Went to Dan Halligan’s Halloween party with my girls as the Wizard of Oz crew (Dorothy, With Wicked Witch of the West, Glinda and a Brush and Wash Up Co. girl). Played arcade games, pin ball, smoked, drank, talked to peeps. All in all had a wonderful time. Spilled my drink all over my costume. Glinda smelled like whiskey for a while. Had another “small world/worlds colliding” moment.  Got sucked into arcade games and realized that Raye, Andrew and I were the last ones at the party and it was suddenly 4 in the morning. whoops
  • Got stranded briefly on the side of 15th when Andrews tire went flat. All was taken care of quickly though.
  • Got up in the afternoon and went through the whole costume ordeal again on Sunday. Had to make a new wand after mine got broken at the party (twice)
  • Gave French fries to a homeless guy under the Ballard bridge (What would Tiffany do?)
  • Went to a pet store and petted kittens with Christine.
  • Tried a calzone for the first time (goat cheese, sun dried tomatoes, pesto and spinach) I dig it.
  • Went to a costume contest at R Place with the girls. Got many compliments for our costumes but had to watch the OTHER Wizard of Oz group go on stage as finalists in the contest. It drove me to drink. We were way better, we had a Glinda and Brush and Wash Up Girl. And they’re Dorothy was a ho. Our Dorothy looks innocent. They didn’t win but we were pissed. We went outside to smoke and everyone on the street thought we kicked ass. We won the people’s choice, for sure.
  • Upon making the decision that the other Oz team won probably because their wicked witch was in drag, we picked out our costumes for next year. You can call us team fabulous or team “pandering to the gay vote.” We’re going to be Liza Minnelli (Cathy), Barbara Streisand (Christine), Elton John (Raye) and I’m going to be David Bowie next year. We called it 368 days in advance. A new record. We’re winning that goddamned contest. :P
Finally I saw the following costumes this weekend- Beetlejuice, the Dick in a Box guys, Sawn of the Dead, Rainbow Bright (3), a panda, Slash and Brett Michales, one of those big eyed velvet paintings, a Wheates box, Stewie Griffan, Jack (of Jack’n’the Box) Creuella DeVil, Richard Simmons, Smurfette, Orgazmo, Duffman, Depuity Dangle (of Reno 911), and many, many scantily clad gay boys.

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