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Ce weekend et plus

Halloween-Raye and I got dressed up and went over to Cathy’s to pre-funk a little before going down to the Re-Bar for the Glen or Glenda show. We watched Beatlejuice and drank cocktails. We’re not very good at pre-funking, we’ve decided we go way too far far too fast. Took the bus down the hill to the Re-Bar, which I realized I hadn’t been to since Hedwig back in ’04. Crazy. Anyway the show was awesome, we had a kick ass time, took many pictures that I can post as soon as Raye uploads them. I’m so happy I finally got to see a Glen or Glenda show.
Friday- Andrew picked me up and we went out to the birthday celebration of one of his friends. We went out to dinner, then to Ballard for drinks. At one point, at Kings I ran into Bill, Andrew and Chaz from highschool. Seattle’s too small a town, man. I talked with them over a cigarette but it was surprisingly awkward.  A lot of
-So how you doin’?
-Terribly well, actually...and yourself.
-I’m doing all right.
*awkward pause* *cigarette drag*
-So where you living?
-Capitol hill. You?
-Phinney Ridge
*awkward pause* *cigarette drag*
And so on...Don’t know why it was so awkward. When I last ran into old E-Town kids, it was more fun and exciting. Maybe because I was at a show that served as a reunion and I was kind of taken off guard on this instance. Anyway. Andrews friends took off to do Kareoko at the Rickshaw and between my not liking Kareoke at al and the fact that we had parked Andrew’s car at his house and walked over to the bars so Andrew wouldn’t have to drive so we stayed back and went to Haties for the remainder of the evening.
Saturday I had to get up early, 7:30 (yeesh), to catch a bus and be in the U-district by nine. Cathy, Raye and I had volunteered to support planned parenthood by serving as counter protesters to the pro life people. I’m glad I did it. I got coffee, and brought the girls some doughnuts. We stood in loud orange shirts, talked and waved to cars that honked for us. I’m glad I did it and I would do it again in a few months, I think.
Afterwards, I went home and took a short nap before Christine picked me up and I went out shopping and to lunch with her. Eventually we got to the original plan of my coming over and playing with/taking pictures of her adorable new kitten, Peach. (As in Princess Peach and Princess Daisy from the Mario games. Her other cat is named Daisy. I think it’s adorable.) Walked home afterward...yes I realize this is a boring story but what the hell, to get ready to go work at the Schmee box office. This month Friday and Saturday nights I’ll be working the box office and though I loose my weekend evenings, I’ll have money for Hawaii! After I closed the late night show till I headed over to the Dunnes to meet up with the girls for a drink. I haven’t been to the Dunnes in about a month. Mostly because the rosebud is cheaper but once I got there, goddamn like I’d never left. Dan had my drink ready once I got to the bar, Jason came by and said hello, I ran into Mya outside and talked to her for a little bit and Jamie was too busy text messaging to take my drink order (oh the weakest link, it might not be as great if I didn’t have you to complain about). Anyway. Had very, very good times.
Should go. Not the most exciting blog in the world but I’ve been distracted bedsides it’s more for my benefit than anyone else’s. Pictures coming soon! Love and kisses.

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