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Random Panda

  • I hate my body. I hate being a girl in a time and I especially hate reaching for my bottle of perscription muscle relaxants in a great time of need before bed to find the bottle missing. I don't remember what I did with it and I can't find it anywhere and  I feel crappy. Grrr.
  • At work a little bat was found on the playground. I didn't know bats lived in Seattle I thought it was too cold. And what was it doing downtown? Bats don't belong downtown, there's nothing for 'em there. Aparently people had it upt in a planter to rest and the next morning thye checked on it, it was no longer a living bat. RIP little bat. I hope you got some cheep thrills in the city before your untimely demise.
  • Monday, the girls and I made pie before we watched Pushing Daisies. I made a pumpkin pie and Christine made a pear pie with griere cheese baked inthe crust. Yum. I need to have my mom hand me down her pumpkin pie recipie the on e on the back of the can is no substitue for my mummy's pumpkin pie. That's right, we made pie for watching the show that what dorks, no that's how adorible we are.
  • Listening to musicials when I'm on my walks makes for a faster walk I've found but I just want to break out into dance. In my head it's like the Bjork "Oh so Quiet" video but I know that reality just doesn't tolerate people breaking out into dance on the city street. I have to fight the urge so much. At most I have an extra hop in my step down Harbor Steps and and extra swing or bump in my hip as I walk. Good times.
  • Working box office this weekend. I loose my Friday and Sat. night. Tomorrow night the girls are putting together a mir party planning commitee I'm not invited to. They're planning some sort of surprize party for me. So my working weekends works out well for them. Unless they're "party planning for miranda" is REALLY just "Party without Miranda" for a month. It's a thin line, i suppose. Actually. I'm soo excited about whatever my surprise is. Now that Halloween is over it's the next big event I'm focused on. I'm quite dizzy with antici.......pation. :)

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