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  • Saturday is the fabulous wedding of fightinjesuit and urbancontra where I will see the magnificent Dr. McDowell (one of my SU English profs) perform the ceremony. I will get to see the wonderful oniglass there as well, who I haven’t seen since summer.
  • Monday I’ve got an appointment at the optometrist and I get to pick out fancy new glasses! I like going to the optometrist. Apart from the test where they shoot air in your eye and the glaucoma test where that thing touches your eye, it’s really fun. There’s all these big machines and stuff...I like to pretend I’m training to be an astronaut when I go. I especially like the pereferal vision test with the little lights that pop up and you push a button. Plus, hey, hey, glases that aren’t super-glued together! (Though I do love these glasses and I will miss them)
  • After my appointment, I think the girls and I should meet up at Dragonfish for the all night happy hour and I can get my calamari fix. Yum yum. It's been a long time since we've had all night happy hour there.
  • Then after dinner the girls and I are going to see Teegan and Sarah at the Showbox! Woo!


After all those fun and games are over I just have to wait out the rest of the week for my big surprise birthday bash. December is going to ROCK! i

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