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Stuff and things

  • So this weekend didn't really go as smoothly as I had planned. I couldn't make it to the wedding. With the snow it took Andrew a long time to pick me up and soon after he did his car got stuck momentarily in the alleyway and I was afraid that something bad was going to happen trying to get to Phinney and the rate were going we were undoubtidly going to miss the wedding propper. So, all dressed up with nowhere to go,  we parked and stayed "snowed in." I made manhattans and we sat under a blanket and listened to some domedy on his iphone and watched it snow outside. It was very depression eara style. Later we walked over to 15th (no hill to slip or climb later) and had dinner. I had a bowl of the best muscles I've had in a long time, if not ever. It was so yummy. So even though I was realy realy dissapointed that I didn't get to the one wedding in my life I was really looking forward to attending, it was a very plesant night.
  • Monday I went to the optomitrist. It was tough to find the right glasses. First of all aparently rectangle frames are all the rage and it was hard to find ones like my old ones. I was torn between two pairs and I chose the more feminine of the two and the less expensive of the two. I really liked them both but I'm still having some second thoughts about my choice. I'm sure that would happen either way, though I still think I made the right choice. Now I can't wait to get the call saying that they've arrived.
  • Monday we went to the Teegan and Sarah show. Good times. Christine was trollied. I made fun of a cripple. Even though that's Cathy's job. Hummus was involved. Calamari too before the show at Dragonfish. Good times.
  • I feel very productive. I've been submitting writing for publication this week too.  I think subconsiously the thought of turning 25 has lit a fire under my ass. I'm being semi careless about it, but I just feel this need of urgency, and even if nothing comes of this round I'm putting out right now, at least my just getting it out there is better than the fear of rejection that has perviously been holding me back. I want to do more on Sunday when I have internet acess at my resnt house and I've decided to devote Thursday to having a Mir night, something I haven't had in far too long a time.

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