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Last Thursday, the girls and I went out to Chopstix for the traditional birthday chopstix run. Red headed Sarah (the other b-day girl) and her boyf came, as did Chris and Ryan for a little while. As usual it was rather fabulous, we had a jolly good time getting trollied on 3 dollar drinks. Highlight of the night of course when I was called up to the stage, invited to sit on the piano and the pianist we like the most, whose name temporarily escapes me at the moment, was singing some silly song to me about generally, “let’s bone...how bout you and me and...ummm can you invite a friend?” That’s when Christine took charge marched up to me on the piano and gave me a big, toungey kiss in front of the whole crowd. That got every one’s attention. Christine was the one who got a drink bought for her as a result though, not me. Good times. I have pics but I haven’t uploaded them yet.
I took Friday off and did a little shopping. Derek gave me a $25 gift certificate to Bailey Coy Books. When I get gift certificates to book stores, I’m immensely appreciative but am always put in a dilemma. I see seven to twenty different things I want and have to choose. Apart from the usual suspects (eyeing any Irvine Welsh & Anthony Bourdain that I don’t have) I was really drawn to a four disk CD set of French lessons (to brush up and keep myself at it) and the 2008 Writer’s Market reference book. Since Derek is fluent or near fluent in I don’t know how many languages, I thought the French lessons would be appropriate. In the end I went with the Writer’s Market because my goal for 08 is to apply to grad school and turn out writing to publishers. I met with Raye after work and we did a little shopping for apartment stuff we were in dire need of then watched hours of House while I addressed and signed my Christmas cards.
Saturday, my birthday proper, I was hoping Andrew would want to go to Smith so I could eat the yummy muscles again. I’ve been craving them since I first had them on the snow day. He had the same idea as me, fixing to get a bowl for himself this time. However, once we got there, I learned that between Dec. 1st and December 15th muscles go out of season! WTF? I was really disappointed. Apart from my muscle disappointment, the b-day was all right and laid back. Had drinks watched and movie. Unfortunately I had to get up a little early on Sunday to go to the ‘rent’s and bake Christmas cookies with my mum.
Now that birthday time is over I’m free to get in the holiday spirit. Baking cookies and watching Love, Actually on Sunday was a good start. I still have a LOT of shopping to do, I’ve barely started. Luckily The Girls are doing our gift exchange on New Years Eve before our party. I still haven’t a clue what to get my mum & dad and I need to figure that out before x-mas eve. EEEP! So to all y’all who have boasted about finishing your x-mas shopping early can totally bite me...but you know have a merry Christmas, too.


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Dec. 19th, 2007 08:33 pm (UTC)
Dude, it's mussels.
Dec. 19th, 2007 08:35 pm (UTC)
Damnit. Spellcheck doesn't work for me if I use the wrong...usage.

well...I'm too lazy to change it. So whatev.

It was a zombie type birthday I wanted muscles and brians!
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