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Chrsitmass Holiday...

I had a pretty laid back Christmas. I had to work Christmas Eve, but it wasn’t too bad. I got stuff done that I needed to do downstairs while there were no children. On the way to work that morning downtown and Capitol Hill were both very desolate. However, the moon was out and full and it was shining brilliantly in the morning twilight-ish blue sky. I tried to take a picture when I was walking on Pike just past Boren St. because the moon hovered directly over the Space Needle. It was beautiful but my cell phone camera did not capture it at all. I got off work early, did some very last minute shopping and some last minute smoking before I met up with my mom downtown. We had x-mass margaritas. I think I found a new tradition. :)
My family is a Christmas Eve celebrating kind of fam. Our holiday is very low-key because it’s just the rents and me (and the spoiled kitties). We watched White Christmas, snacked, drank, and then opened presents.  I GOT A LAPTOP!!! I kinda knew I was getting one. My dad offered far earlier in the year and the call around my b-day asking what features I needed was a dead giveaway. It’s not a fancy-pants laptop, just a simple PC with just the features I need on it. (Plus it doesn’t have vista, thank god.) Most of all I can get on the internet on my own and not have to be at work or at Christine’s house. I still have to go to a coffee shop, because I don’t have wireless at home and my neighbors secured theirs, but really when do I turn down going to get coffee? Other loot was expectably small, though I did get Gonzo, the new, essentially oral history biography of Hunter Thomspon. I *heart* oral histories, possibly on account of a short attention span. Oh yeah and Christmas socks.
The whole holiday was just lazy. Chillin’ at my parent’s snacking, drinking, watching Christmas movies (and Superbad & Dr. Who) and doing fuck-all. I ate too much food, I think I could damn near fast until my trip to Hawaii after this Christmas. I was planning on taking a walk but once it started SNOWING I ditched that plan and just looked out the window and watched the snow. It didn’t stick at all where I was, which pleased me because I didn’t want to get stuck in Magnolia overnight. I missed my bed, and needed to smoke a cigarette.
I also got Boxing Day off, which turned out to be the most productive day. I cleaned up my room, found a home for all my new goodies, took a walk for two hours and fifteen minutes (my ass kinda hurts today) met up with Raye at the library to write and print out a letter to our landlord about the leak we discovered in the living room ceiling. Finally I got the whole night to play on my new laptop, transfer my music and my pictures and to generally make it all Mir-iffic!


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