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So long 2007…

So thinking back on it I think I’m going to miss 2007. I think this has be the best year for me as a whole so far. I’ve been remarkably happy this year and the more I reflect on it the more sentimental I get about it. I think I’m most happy because I’ve never felt so loved before. I’ve been lucky enough this year to be surrounded by an amazing group of friends who I have tons of fun with and can tell anything to. I’ve got a bloke who makes me laugh and is incredibly good to me. This might not have been the year I traveled really far, or the year I worked at an awesome independent magazine, but this is the year that I’ve found some happiness and a year that’s gone by all too quickly. The highlights…

January…Cathy moved back to Seattle on New Years Eve. She partied with us and thus began the year of The Girls. We had our first Game Night, when we got together ate casserole and played Cranium.

February…I went to Ballard to see my old BFF from highschool, Shannon, for her birthday celebration where I met Andrew and ended up talking to him almost all night long. For Valentine’s day the four girls had a lovely dinner together at Café Flora even though it was vegan, it was damn good and fancy pants.

March…I spent a long weekend on holiday in San Francisco to visit Oni. I also got to meet Hilary my LJ/myspace friend in person and I got to see old Tabletheads De & Eric for a drink. I really liked SF and walked all over the place.

April…Got the GF title. "So does this mean I can change my status on MySpace now?" I can’t belive I actually said that. Shortly after that The Girls went down for a weekend in Portland for Christine Weekend, otherwise known as her birthday. We painted PDX red at drag shows, stip clubs and the halls of Hilton. That was my first road trip with buddies.

May…nothing huge happened, really.

June…Pride weekend was a blast! The night ended with Raye, Cathy and I dancing on the coffee table with shirts off. He he he.

July… July was the month that was uber busy with birthdays. Raye, Cathy and Chris all had birthdays so we were very busy. Luckily Christine did a lot of the hosting it was also the month that we had coupons for the erotic bakery so there was a lot of cakes with various boobies and/or genetials.

August…Andrew and I went to Eddie Izzard!!! Samuel & David had an off the hook housewarming party at their new place on Lake Washington. I however made some poor life choices at the party and worried Cathy & Raye by disapearing for two hours.

September…My grandparents came out to visit.We all went up to Vancouver BC, which I loved and want to return to again soon and Whistler, which I was less impressed with. Mostly becasuse I resented the comment my grandfather said about me not doing anything with my life becaseu I’m not married with children already. Ugh. Even though this was not a high point, I was pissed, it was good for me to hear for certain that the only way to please those people would be to live their kind of life…which I have no desire to do. My mums words defending me was also sweet to hear. Also I had the best calamari ever at a greek place in Vancouver. 
I also went to the Stereo Total show which turned out to be an awesome night. I was invited over for drinks with some gay boy hipsters, we ended up sitting on the roof of thier apartment building with a panoramic view of downtown and I watched a lightning storm over West Seattle. Then i went back to Chop Suey, watched Stereo Total and ended up invited on stage to dance with them.

October…The girls put together our awesome Halloween wizard of OZ costumes. I got to be Glinda and wear a fabulous pink merange dress. It took a lot of time, money and effort but it was totally worth it and we got three nights out of the costumes going to Dan’s party, R Place for the costume contest, and to the Glen or Glenda show.

November…I worked at the theatre doing box office to save money for Hawaii. It took up most of my weekeneds and it was rough playing catch up when I met people for drinks at 11 or so. However it was important and necessary.

December…The girls put together the most awesome birthday I’ve ever had. One Million Teeth played at the Dunnes and the girls bought me tango lessons and Andrew’s willing to go as my partner. I’ve never felt so loved.

Now of course there were hard times as well but not super hard. Now I’m afraid that 2008 couldn’t possibly compare to 2007 and things just can’t be great forever. However, there’s no way to tell and it’s not worth worrying about. I think part of the reason I was so happy was my attitude of "ebb and flow" and taking opportunities as they came to me. As for next year, I don’t have any resolutions really. I just plan to go on living as I have been, hopefully as happily as I have been. I do plan on focusing more on professional life, writing, taking the GRE to go back to school and trying to publish. I’ve actually been working on the later lately so it’s getting easier for me/less scary to me.

Anyway…Happy New Year everyone.



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Dec. 31st, 2007 07:44 am (UTC)
Thank you!
Happy new year to you too, Miranda!

(Deleted comment)
Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:20 pm (UTC)
Re: I love you too!
We're just going to have to keep topping ourselves over until we reach the point where we really are buying eachother leopards. :)

Jan. 2nd, 2008 08:48 pm (UTC)
Awesome Miranda, I think it's fantastic that everything is clicking for you now. When you first volunteered at Tablet you were so reserved and shy, but I could see your spark, humor and joy just waiting to get out. And it was great watching it happen--but you are so much more happy and open now! And it seems to have brought a huge positive energy to your life. Keep it up, it only gets better!
Jan. 2nd, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Awww. That means a lot to me. :)
Cheers to get getting even better!!

Happy New Year!
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