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Surprise, Surprise

  • I finally joined the 21st century! With the laptop I got for Christmas from my folks its like I have a propper computer and now that I have a propper computer, once My CD player broke on me I realised that if I just spent a little more than I would on replacing it I could just get an MP3 player. I can't wait to test it out on my walk after work tomorrow afternoon! Now Andrew can't tease me for my top of the line 1996 technology. :)
  • So I e-mailed an old friend around x-mas/new years to, figuring he might be in Edmonds for the holidays and perhaps he could come into the city and we could hang out. Or at least have a chat on the phone since I haven't spoken to him since last spring/summer. I just got an e-mail back from him and he wasn't in Edmonds, apparently he was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro! WTF? That was a surprise. Serioulsy you fall out of contact with someone for six months and they go off and visit a different continent  and go off climbing bloody mountains!! I kid. I'm happy for him.
  • Midget count is at 15 for anyone interested. It would have been 16 but I think I saw the same guy twice so it doesn't count.

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