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Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!

EEP! I'm so happy! At work I have a co-worker who's super sweet and super pregnant at the moment. She's having triplets and is due in a month and a half or so. Talk about having her hands full. Today I was talking to her and she offered to transferover her gym membership over to me!. The gym is three blocks from work and here's the best part she's grandfathered in and has a  discounted rate becasue she's recruited so many people to the gym. I just got a gym membership for $13.00 a month! Ahh! We went over during my lunch break and transfered everything over to me. I belong to a gym at the price I can totally afford. YEAY!

Yeah. That's my news oh yeah and also I've decided to continue doing box office for a little while as long as I don't have to do both Friday and Saturday but if I do Thursday and one other weekend night. 

What are you most looking forward to this year?
At the moment I’m looking forward to my vacation in Hawaii at the end of the month. I’ll need a break from the winter doldrums.

Will you turn 16 this year?
Jesus. No.

Are you getting married this year?

Are you going to become a parent this year?
No! Bite your tongue, survey.

How about an aunt or an uncle?
As an only child that’s not possible.  

Will you be going to a new school this year?
Nope, but I will be applying to grad schools!

Will you be graduating high school or college?
done and done.

Do you have any big vacation plans for this coming year?
I’m going to Hawaii in 23 days! Woo!

What movie are you most looking forward to coming out?
None off the top of my head.

Are you moving this year?
I hope not... I heart my apartment despite the leaky ceiling, the tiles falling off in the bathroom, my window that doesn’t close all the way and the fact that it’s in Stabby-town. I still am holing on to that apartment for dear life.

Are you currently dating anyone?
I don’t know if you could still gall it “dating”  

Did you make a NY's resolution?
sort of. I plan on focusing more on writing, publishing and getting into grad school this year

Did you kiss someone at midnight?
Christine, Raye and Andrew. I Can’t believe I kissed the girls first. The one year I have a boyf and I kiss my close girl friends. Out of habit I guess.

Did you watch the New Year's day parade?
there’s a parade? I wasn’t aware. I’m always too hungover.

Do you know anyone getting married this year?
not that I know of yet.

What time did you get up this morning?

What color shirt are you wearing?
black Bjork t-shirt

What do you most want to happen this year?
I want to maintain all the fun and joy of last year while hopefully focusing more on the future a bit, if possible.

2008 Firsts

Who was the first person you talked to?
It was a party it’s hard to say I was hostess so I was being sociable

Who did you first tell "I love you"?
Probably Andrew

Who was the first person you called or who called you?
Christine called me New Years morning/afternoon while I was still sleeping. I didn’t answer.

Where's the first place you went?
(apart form back to my apartment after the fireworks?) Over to Cathy’s house in the morning.

What was the first thing you ate?
Probably spinach dip

The first thing you drank?

The first green thing you saw?
how should I remember? Trees, grass, it was dark

What was the first electronic device you used besides a computer or cell?
mmmm... i don't know... a stereo.

What was the first movie you watched?
We watched Tommy on hangover day. I’d never seen it before.

Who was the first person to wish you a "Happy New Year!"?
The whole group

What was the first pair of shoes you wore?

What was the first song you heard?
I couldn’t tell you. It was a party. Samuel did put on some Glam Rock and the two of us rocked out, that’s for sure.

The first thing you saw on TV?
couldn’t say

The first thing you bought?

Who was the first girl you hung out with?
Um New Years day, after people had left, Raye

The first boy?

The first relative?
The rents

What was the first thing you did the moment it became 2008?
kisses and hugs, hollering and champagne.


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