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Weekend Report

Friday I had a Dunnes itch that needed to be scratched since I hadn’t been since my surprise b-day party. (One of my balloons is still stuck on the ceiling). I couldn’t stray too far from the Hill, anyway as I had to go home and wake up early Saturday to meet the contractor who was going to work on the leak in our ceiling in the front room. Raye and I moved furniture around (my apartment is all discombobulated now) and I rushed down the Hill to meet Andrew at the Dunnes. We stayed for a few drinks together, then both headed back to the apartment to find Cathy and Raye chillin’ and drinkin’ and we both joined in the conversation. It was a good night, though perhaps a bit hazy towards the end.

The contractor came over at about nine the next morning. Unfortunately there was a problem that kept him from getting started. The area is too wet right now for him to fix it and the roof will need to be fixed first. That’s exactly what we told the landlord in our letter but I guess he needed to hear it from his guy. Now we wait I guess. Luckily Raye and I don’t plan on playing hostess any time soon but I sincerely hope it gets taken care of before we go on holiday in Hawaii. After the contractor left what was supposed to be a productive day turned into a lazy hangover day. I watched episodes of House while Raye watched the Seahawks loose the game.
Saturday night we had a small practice game night. “Santa Claus” left The Girls the Cranium Turbo edition for x-mas, so we had to try it out and get a hang of it before Game Night proper. It was a very small gathering at Cathy’s. Just the Girls, Derek and Kurt. I was kinda disappointed that Andrew couldn’t come, but we still had a good time. Derek’s birthday is today so Cathy and Christine baked him a cake on Sat. and Raye and I stopped on the way over and got him a gift certificate to half priced books. We totally surprised him. Granted it was not as extravagant as say my birthday, but he’s part of the group. His birthday would not go unappreciated.
As per usual, I hung out with the ‘rent’s on Sunday. Went to go see Walk Hard with my dad, then we all went out for margaritas, then I went over to their house to watch some Dr. Who and drink more margaritas.

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