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Weekend Report from my laptop, yo!


So I’ve had my laptop for damn near a month now and this is the first time I’ve taken it to a coffee shop to use the internet. I had been ignoring doing updates for too long and the holiday seemed a good a time as any. So here I am!

Friday Raye and I went over to Cathy’s to hang out. Chris joined us later as he was in town for the three day weekend. I drank margareta’s and we played my new Clue game that Christine got me for x-mas. However, Clue is not an easy game to play when you’re trollied. I think Ray or Chris guessed got two out of three right and we just let ‘em have it and moved on. I do love my new Clue game. It’s a remake of the origioal so it’s all ‘50’s and shit.

Saturday I wasted a day of the house to myself by having a hangover day. I just lied in bed and watched movies while Raye, Chris and Cathy were out. All of Saturday was a movie day. Andrew came and picked me up and we just ended up picking up some wine and popcorn and going back to his place to watch movies. I saw No Country for Old Men. Andrew and I both kinda prefer the more whimsical Cohen Brothers stuff to the dark stuff but when the Cohens do dark they do it well. It was good. Longest dénouement ever though when you have to smoke/pee though. We also watch Time Bandits, which surprisingly is the only Terry Gilliam movie I haven’t gotten to see before which is odd considering it’s probably as old as I am and it has midgets in it. Finally we watched Igby Goes Down, which I had never heard of before (hell I didn’t even know there was another McCalkin kid) but really enjoyed.

Saturday, once I got back to the Hill Raye, Cathy and I went shopping. Panache on Broadway is having 50% off everything sale and most of the prices are already marked down. I needed new shirts and stuff any way but also wanted some springy shirts for Hawaii. I did so well. I got four shirts and an adorable sun dress for $24.00! Cathy had an appointment to get a tattoo at Apocalypse at 6:00 so after our shopping we passed the time with Happy Hour snacks at Charlie’s while we waited to meet up with Christine. They have the best cheese sticks ever but our waitress was a smart-ass passive aggressive cunt. We didn’t have any drinks, since Cathy couldn’t have any before her tattoo and we took turns keeping her company while she got inked. I wasn’t a very good friend. I couldn’t think of anything to say to distract her. I gave that responsibility back to Christine when I couldn’t stand to see Cathy’s face all winced and I couldn’t think of what to say to comfort her. She got it done, he touched up her other tattoo while he was at it and the whole thing looks very good.

All in all it was a very nice, laid back weekend.


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