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Jan. 28th, 2008

My office is freezing. I wish school was closed today, I had my hopes up when I heard them read all the school closures this morning but I went to work. It was odd up at my house on the top of the hill there was snow everywhere. On my way to work, by the time I hit Pike and 11th you wouldn't think it had snowed at all, all the way downtown. I slipped on some black ice on my walk here and there but really the difference was stunning and in only a few blocks as well. I usually love snow and all but right now I just can't deal. I just want to be in Hawaii soaking up the rays. Three more days.

On to the weekend. So Friday I worked the Box Office at the Schmee and then walked back home to have drinks with Raye and Ryan, who I havent seen in a long time apart from the one time we got coffee. I must have been pooped from the week becasue I apartenly fell asleep on the couch and Raye and to put me into my bed. It was either the week or the fat thtat when I wokr up in the morning I had taken far more from my bottle of Jim than I had origionally intended to. Maybe a bit of both.

Saturday night was a game night. Chritine was hosting and there was an island theme for sending Raye and myself off for Hawaii this week. It was a very sucessful game night. It didn't get away from us like the last one at Christine's did. I guess we haven't had a propper game night since October so this was the first big one in a while and the first with the new Turbo edition. There were the girls, of course, Andrew, Ryan, Kurt, John, Ryan's sister and her grilfriend. Tracy was supposed to be there (we baked her a b-day cake and everything) but she never showed. We at her cake. It was angelfood with strawberries. There was no way that cake was not going to be eaten. Derek was supposed to show up but wasn't feeling well so we had to face those yellow cards without him. Andrew and I were aparently really good at the "side show" cards, where one person is the puppet and the other person does the charades by moving the puppet around. I always failed my team with the group spelling bacwards, though. I hate team gnilleps. 

The highlist of the game night though was when we wer out on the deck watching bouncy girl. Christine lives in Queen Anne and the house bleow her on the hill doesn't have blinds. There's this 15-17 year old girl who just sits on her bed and....well, bounces up and down on her bed. The girls have seen it many times but pwople tend to not belive you when you tell them about her. It's hypnotic to watch and hilarious as well. I usually laugh to the point of tears when I'm over there and I see it. And Saturday was no exception becasue this time, I think we had the largest number of straight males at a game night. Andrew, Kurt, and John all got to see bouncy girl for themself and they seemed pretty intreged. Unfortunitly, we totally got caught and bouncy girl turned around to see all these "grown ups" staring at her, the three boys, Andrew, John and Kurt, of course standing the closest at the end of the deck not being at all subtle. I was laughing so hard my eyemakeup was not the same the rest of the night. 

Sunday I went back over to Christines to get my hair done before I go on vacation and before she leaves for California for a month. I am once again trimmed and red. Now I can look fabulous in moy drokin' it t-u-f-f travel picutres.


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Jan. 28th, 2008 11:05 pm (UTC)
Is she bouncing on the bed naked or something? Or just bouncing?
Jan. 28th, 2008 11:23 pm (UTC)
She bounces in little take tops. I'm not shure why. She bounces if she's on her laptop, or listening to music, sometimes she not doing anything else but bouncing. Sometimes its a little bob here and there, sometimes she really gets into it. If you saw it your first reaction might be that she's "special"
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